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In our mailbox today:

I was in the garden today when I noticed a fairly loud buzzing noise.

When I looked up I saw hundreds of what looked like bees over the Duckett Road garden area, half way up past the canal.

The swarm very quickly seemed to disolve or move on. I'm a little wary of going into the garden now.

Has anyone else seen anything like this recently? 

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It's very normal for bees to do this. No need to worry, they aren't interested in you. They're looking for a new home with their queen bee.
.... Here are some pictures..

Bees are fascinating creatures - am jealous of the people who got to see them en route to a new home!

That saying, I'm glad it wasn't my bike... *lol*

Thank you as. I've reposted one of your images here.

We saw a swarm of bees gathering on a parked bike outside the Salisbury on GL this afternoon... people were stopping to take photos, though keeping their distance! Was going past in a car so didn't see what happened to them. 

Yes I saw the bike too! Not seen anything like that before, amazing! Hopefully one of the photographers will upload.
I had a swarm settle in my compost bin here in Harringay. Here's the tale told on my blog pages
I've got a family that have settled in my bird box.
Nice :)
Glad to hear that others saw them too today as by the time I got my camera out, they had already disappeared.

There were definitely way too many to fit into a bird box.

I had bees that made their home next to my CCTV camera that was situated in an air vent. It was like a horror movie to see these giant insects flying in via the CCTV monitor!

I contacted some official bee person who was official studying bees and mine became part of that study. Then the mice got to them.



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