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Closing this weekend apparently. What a huge loss to the high street.

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It's good but it's not the same type of traditional butcher as Baldwin's.

Looks like I may need to investigate the various butchers in Wood Green.

Or go south.to “Meat” on church street - if it’s still open. 

Meat is good but a bit distant. Freemans in Crouch End is probably the other option but again Wood Green is more convenient.

Crouch End lost their second butcher recently, Morley's, just up from The Queens. Sadly, it‘s not just happening in Harringay.

Ooh, never been there.  I'll have to check it out.

Not the opposite I fear. Gentrification leads to higher rents for retail premises. 

I’m not sure that’s the case in this instance as there’s plenty of vacant commercial real estate on the high street. That aside and as I’m sure you will know gentrification also has a tendency to bring a higher disposable income clientelle which would typically support elements of the local economy.  

Freeman's in Crouch End is great.  They're very nice guys in there, and make their own sausages which are fantastic.  It's much smaller than Baldwin's though and doesn't have quite the same selection in-house.  But if you know what you want they can order things for you and are very helpful.

For those interested, here's a history I did of Baldwins and its antecedents some years back. 

Oh no, I just went there to find it closed and bare. No signs up though to say what's happened.

I did a search, I found two links to sites selling commercial properties which listed Baldwins as for sale, one on uk.businessesforsale.com and one on zoopla.co.uk, clicking on the links I found that both pages have disappeared which suggests to me that the shop may have been sold. No clues though about who to.

I was chatting with someone who knows the shop well and he said that a few months ago, he stopped recognising any of the staff and suspects that it may have been sold and that the new owner couldn't make it work, leading to the current closure.

Yes. I think they lost a lot of their West End restaurant trade during COVID, and the numbers just didn't add up. I'm sure an unsympathetic freeholder probably had a part to play too. Hopefully it won't stay empty for long.



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