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Closing this weekend apparently. What a huge loss to the high street.

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So is Lynbo, which I am actually sadder about!

Double “Oh no!”

Wow - I wondered why they were cash only today.

A massive loss. Just glad I got my last Toulouse sausages

Just spoken to them on phone hoping it wasnt true - but it is. Must hurtle down and buy shin of beef. Sob

That is not good news- do you know why?

Awful news. 

I wonder if it will continue trading as a butcher. It would make sense as when it was marketed it appeared to have a substantial trade and retail clientele, but it’s anybody’s guess… 

Yeah, although it would make more sense to sell as a going concern in that case. 

Bugger! What's the opposite of gentrification? Whatever the word, this is an example.

I hope the butcher boys get treated fairly. They're nice lads.

I don't even know where the next closest butcher is? Crouch End, Highury?

“Brazeef” West Green road, junction of Belmont Rd. 


It’s very good indeed. 



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