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I'm out of contract and BT are offering me cheaper deals. After a little wrangling I've been offered £39.99 Halo 1 and £29.99 fibre two. Anyone take up these offers? Would really appreciate any feedback...

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I seriously dont understand why people sign up for landline broadband anymore

For £20 a month i have unlimited 4g with a smarty pay as you go sim and i just tether off my mobile phone. Circa 20-30Mbps speed

Give it a try, you only commit to a month at a time (no contract) so it's pretty much a no brainer!

Wow, top tip! So tethering from your phone is good enough to run the smart TV, kids YouTube, stream the Sonos & enable quality Zoom calls, all at the same time?

You're going to eventually hit a wall by running more and more off it but 20-30 is pretty damn decent. 

It works for me is all i can say. I was with BT copper wire and i was lucky to get 2Mbps- it was rubbish. 

I did this for a brief time whilst in between contracts. It was ok. Could only get a decent signal in the back bedroom which wasn't an issue as my house is wired for ethernet.

It generally worked ok but fluctuated much more than a hardwired internet connection. Sometimes it would suffer slowdowns for no obvious reason. It certainly wasn't stable enough for long term use if you're relying on the internet.

Does it depend on your signal strength?  In my house you have to go into the garden to get anything above 2 bars

Sorry. I'm not a mobile comms expert, but intuitively no signal would tell me no data

I'm on the Ladder (Seymour) and get 4bars. 

£23/month (possibly £16.66/month if you have a mobile phone contract with them) with Vodafone here.

63mbps - similar to Bt Fibre 2.

My contract is with Talk talk from many years. Had carried issues. Down to BT exchange issues. I have unlimited internet on phone and used in last exchange issues. Not as good and as fast as land line internet. Does depend on areas. My brother has mobile phone internet. Which falls out when often. Advised its down to how many using internet. Advised supplier is updating its services 

Go with fibre 2. £10 per month for a 4g backup seems a bit pricey and probably pointless since you can just use your phone in that situation.



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