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I was walking around near Turnpike Lane and stumbled upon a house with a load of stickers and things advertising 'Assaje Neapolitan Trip', and it looked like some kind of food endeavour.

I looked it up when I got home and found their Instagram, and it turns out it's a new takeaway started as a project by Alessandra and Julie - a couple of chefs who both were working at the Sheraton Park Lane - doing Italian sandwiches, arancini and desserts.

I thought I'd try it out last night to support some locals doing a new thing, and I can absolutely say it is fantastic. Check out their website and either call or message to order. They delivered my food to the minute of when I'd asked, and the arancini had clearly been fried the second before they went on her bike. The sandwiches were incredible, and very generously filled. I'll definitely be ordering from them again! 

Take a look at pictures on their Instagram or website and give them a try.

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Thanks for this - looks amazing.

No worries - it really was top notch, and really nice to support a local business (and without using Deliveroo/UberEats too).

£12 for a sandwich? It may well be lovely, but...

It's £12 for dinner between two bits of bread. Max's Sandwich Shop in Crouch End does a similar kind of thing for a similar price.

You'd need to eat at least 4 M&S cheese & onion sandwiches to make a quantitative comparison, and Assaje's ingredients are still generally slightly better.

I'm on a Harringay/Turnpike Lane budget. Not a Crouch End one.

Oh yes, they are excellent!
You can also find them on Crouch End Cooks, among other amazing local professionals. 

They have impeccable service and amazing food.

It's not your average grub that you can find down to Tesco/Sainsbury and make it at home as they use real Italian produce from mostly independent producers/farmers from what I saw.

Quality never comes cheap, especially with all the mayhem with imports after Brexit. 

We loved it, and we will retake it when we want to treat ourselves. 

Crouch End Cooks - Facebook only? Darn....

These guys are absolutely FANTASTIC! Delicious and they added balloons, a card and musical delivery for my gift to a friend. Really excellent, friendly service, try them out!

alas their site has been saying they are not accepting online orders at the moment - perhaps they are going back to the workplace?

They definitely are - that bit of the website doesn't work unfortunately and they haven't fixed it. If you call or message them (phone or Instagram) they'll take your order. 

We just ordered from them last week and their products are bomb!

We took two sandwiches (the Napulé and the Meraviglioso) as well as two Aubergine Parmigiana.

Our Review:

1. Product

Really high quality food, they are not messing either with the quantity. Sandwiches are pretty big (and I'm a big eater) and the ingredients they used are very high end (probably one of the best burrata I've eaten for years). I've been pretty impressed as well with the quantity of premium ingredients they put in their sandwiches, they are pretty genenrous with the amount of mozzarella, meat they put in there.

Overall, they have a pretty good selection of sanwiches and antipasti. Dessert selection is a bit limited (only 4 when we ordered but probably not the core of their business)

2. Price

Price is a bit top of the range for the sandwiches (between £9 and £12 for te sandwiches) but considering the quality of the ingredients they put in there as well as the quantity, it is actually pretty good value for money. For an average eater you can easily have enough of one sandwich for 2 meals (or one meal and a snack).

At £7.00, the Parmegianna is probably the best value for money product they are selling and is delicious.

3. Service

Not much to say regarding service, we ordered from their website (here) and they came to deliver it at our place ahead of lunch. I chat a bit with the owner, very nice Italian lady importing all their meat and cheese twice a week from Italy where her relatives owns a production of Mozzarella/Burrata.

Anyway, overall we would highly recommend.




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