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I have been looking to source a few ingredients recently and struggled. Green Lanes is great for a lot of things, but it fails a bit when it comes to East Asian food and ingredients.

Anyone have any idea where I might get things like galangal and rice wine vinegar locally. I can get the rice wine from Sainsbury's but is there anywhere else I can get larger and cheaper quantities of the stuff?

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I've been told there's an Asian store near Turnpike Lane station but I've never actually been myself - somebody else may be able to verify.

There's South and North in Whymark Avenue near Poundland. Hugh did a write up a few weeks back on it

How dumb of me. I did actually see that write up too! Thanks guys

There are a bunch of good places near Turnpike Lane on the ladder side - you may have to go to a few places to get everything you need, but it's all there.   

 - or it's it's Indian Asian, try Deshi Bazar, 13 Turnpike. Here ar a few Instagram snaps I took few months back:

I went into Deshi a few days ago. I got some bits and pieces, but not others. It may be a process of getting bits from different places. As Malcolm said, it is all out there, somewhere!

Have you tried the food market hall in wood green shopping centre? They have a store which does loads of Asian ingredients.




Chung Hwa Hong at 21 Westbury Avenue is a good Chinese food shop.

Brilliant, thanks for the suggestions everyone!

V good new one on the street next to poundland on turnpike lane. loads of lovely fresh stuff too.

By the way. Thanks again for this everyone. I did a trip up there with my little boy the other day and found exactly what I wanted! Perfect. North South was a real Aladdin's cave...



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