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Article on Harringay Ladder in Evening Standard Property pages

See full article. Thanks to David for giving the hood some coverage.

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I can only read half of it, Hugh.

There's a pdf attached under the post.

Dear Miss Manners.
There is a line of Stokies at my door waving cheques. Do I take the money and run off to Hertfordshire or stay put.
PS should I have curtains or blinds for the best return on investment.
PPS. Should I hang the loo roll with the next available sheet against the wall or away from the wall? Life is so complex.
PPPS. Is it acceptable to raise the HMO over the road in casual conversation?

I ran away to Hertfortshire in 2005 and after five years of living with the Chavs with Money in Cuffley and the Chavs without Money in Potters Bar, I ran back to Green Lanes again. So glad I did!

Great, thanks!

A good article. Good to see David talks realistic house prices - no millions mentioned. He's obviously intelligent enough to know the definition of a ladder. Scandinavian papers, please copy. He might have mentioned that Moka is on Wightman Road, alongside La Vina. The car showroom Devran & Gokyuzu will soon begin to pall with him.  Glad to see he ends with that 'Not for Snobs' heading. Some of you had better start moving out. A further paragraph, 'Not for (K)Nobs', should take care of the rest of you.


As it mentions the market, would the journalist be at all interested in the issues Jessica is having? Just a thought.

He's aware of them, but as the paper's literary editor probably wouldn't be in a position to write any story, should he even want to.

Yes, just one page Neil. 

With regard to setting up our own local authority, you can have a nibble with a new neighbourhood forum - all it needs is a few people with the time and energy to make it happen.  

That won't be a Labour MP, they want more accommodation built, any accommodation. And it won't be a conservative MP, their constituency are the landlords doing this. And it won't be a Lib Dem MP, they don't like laws telling people what they can and can't do with their personal property.

Steps to tighten-up the planning laws; and providing decent homes are by no means in conflict. Allowing landlords and developers to house human beings in hutches not only damages families and individuals - in the short and long term. It can also damage the value of private homes in a neighbourhood.



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