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The Post Office is apparently still open for business nationally but has anyone had local deliveries this week? 

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I wish it was just a joke...

That is exactly my suspicion. I counted up and we’ve got 15-20 items missing as this has coincided with two birthdays. I understand why it happened in the first place but it appears to have been managed (or not managed) really poorly since then. Hardly any coverage which makes me think a very local problem.

Someone mentioned the MP for Hornsey has sent round an email to her constituents about the issue and how it’s being resolved but I’ve not had any communication about it from any of our local or national representatives. I understand this is a pandemic and there other more important concerns but I feel that this very basic service (which we are more reliant on than ever) has been allowed to fall into a black hole with nobody in power apparently caring very much about it. Why aren’t the Royal Mail telling us what they are doing to resolve it?

Right. Rant over..

Hey Alison, I contacted David Lammy about this earlier this week, asking him to get in touch with the Royal Mail on our behalf. I will post a reply here if/when I get one! 

I totally know what you mean - it's not the most pressing concern at the minute but it's such a vital service for people who are isolated. 

I quoted this thread in an email to the normally ultra-reliable Stinkyink yesterday about the failure of my printer ink to arrive. I also sent a link to a Google-Map-with-Direction showing the time it takes to get to the Mail Collection Office in Tufnell Park.

I have to say that their response was exemplary. Apologies, immediate re-despatch by DPD courier and a request to contact them should the original order turn up at which point they'd bill me at a discount. 

If only all businesses were like this. I have reported to suppliers that I am waiting for parcels posted to me on 20th April but no-one has offered to resend via dpd.  Incidentally I used DPD to send a parcel to Hove. Amazing service. Picked up parcel one day and delivered it the next. Same price as Royal Mail.  I shall never use Royal Mail for parcels again

Have to say, DPD have been the best of the bunch for deliveries to me so far, too. One hour delivery slot, friendly couriers who obey the social distancing stuff, tracking and most importantly not a single delay yet.

DHL and UPS have had several delays for stuff coming to me, less impressed. APC slightly better. But none at DPD's level. Might not be the same for everyone, naturally.

The parcel came yesterday - the day after I contacted Stinkyink - well done them.

I've just received a delivery near Hornsey Police Station. One had been posted on 29 April and the other on 4 May. Still waiting for one posted on 5 May

Had a birthday card today - my birthday was 25 March

Yesterday I got a CD posted on 5 April - I think most of the missing stuff will turn up, but it's anybody's guess as to when

We received a small parcel this week posted on 14 April - still waiting for several other items. They seem to turn up eventually. 

I am still awaiting parcels from 27th March - 1st May...4 in all. My postman says... it's all a huge pile in no order at all. They don't employ people to sort it out and it's all still sitting there. There prioritise any contract mail such as Amazon/Ebay and if you pay Next Day delivery they will process this. Ordinary parcels  - even those from abroad (I'm waiting for one from Austria from end of April - but my parcel of last year's accounts from Mill Hill the same!) just are sitting there.

No point in asking for it as they just don't know where to look first - no systematic ordering - so fat chance. They are not "lost" so don't give up but we'll just have to wait it seems.



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