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The Post Office is apparently still open for business nationally but has anyone had local deliveries this week? 

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I get a delivery on Falkland once a week but I'm still waiting on stuff from March

I’m waiting on 4 things posted in early April. I have a vision of a humungous pile of parcels, with ours (all presents for a birthday long since passed) buried at the bottom. Only one had a tracking number but even that doesn’t reveal more than it being in the system. We’ve had a few Royal Mail things since then but all letters rather than packages. 

I also had an email from a magazine we get each week which said the Royal Mail were suspending post deliveries on Saturdays while this was being sorted out but haven’t heard anything more of this. We’re getting mail so infrequently I’d not notice to be honest. 

I saw a picture of the sorting office (can't remember where) and it was more like this...

I live on Green Lanes by St Ann's Road and haven't received a parcel in weeks. One of them was posted from London mid April and tracking still says 'in transit'. Had a chat with one of the few working postmen the other day and he told me over half his colleagues are not working...

Apart from the handful that are actually working, there's no point 'clapping for postmen' during this lockdown, lol

Today I heard back from the Royal Mail about one of my missing parcels, the only one which was tracked. It was posted on April 7th and they say it is now classed as lost. Apparently I should contact the seller and they need to claim from the RM. 

Am not happy - it isn’t bloody lost, it’s sitting under a huge pile of stuff that they can’t seem to find a way of dealing with. I feel bad going back to an eBay seller and saying tough, send me another and you claim.

Obviously time’s are rough at the RM but they aren’t really helping themselves. Personally I’m avoiding buying anything now where they are the delivery service for a while, at least until things have calmed down.

For whatever it's worth, I have recently gotten about 7 weeks of weekly periodicals over the course of a week. Even the ones from March have turned up. So I think things aren't getting thrown away at least, and they seem to be working through the backlog. 

Apparently the head of Royal Mail resigned yesterday with immediate effect! He is Swiss and when the lockdown was imminent he went to his house there so has not been around to sort out the problems

I am getting more and more cross with Royal Mail and the way it is handling parcels during the current crisis. A friend had something posted to her last Monday and it arrived on Friday. I am still waiting for parcels posted to me during the last week of April. Why on earth are parcels not dealt with in date order? It seems to me that parcels that have arrived recently in the sorting office might be being delivered while older ones are being left to rot in a black hole somewhere never to be seen again

I'm still waiting for the letter from Boris explaining the need for the lockdown from March 

I'm still waitng for the letter that tells me that everything that's happened in UK politics since 2016 is actually just a joke.



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