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Anyone know what is happening at the bottom of Wightman Road this morning?

Passed by just before 7am and the Police had cordoned off the stretch between Burgoyne and Atterbury Roads.  No sign of a car crash or anything like that.

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I wonder if its connected to this - http://www.firstcapitalconnect.co.uk/plan-your-journey/live-train-u... 

Delays could mean someone has stolen copper on the rail line?

Then again - it says its just at Moorgate. No idea what's going on but there's a lot of traffic on Burgoyne!

I don't think its because of the trains - as I think that is due to an issue down at Moorgate - plus my boyfriend got a train all the way into Moorgate after the tape was up so that seems unlikely. 

I do hope its nothing bad.

Def not nicked wire - I got the Moorgate train no bother.  Is it still taped off now (9:15)

There have been a few tweets I've been retweeting (HoL Twitter) which mention an area being taped off and the road closed.

Yes i've been following you on twitter... and here was I thinking it was Veolia trucks picking up our rubbish causing the cars to bank up on the road!

is not just wightman road - the passageway is cordoned off too. am guessing it must be fairly serious!

Hmmm - was just about to post. Could be related to a raid on Seymour this morning possibly...There was a big on at 7 towards the top of Seymour, just about to post about it.

A raid on Seymour? Really?

Yeah - pretty heavy duty. I posted on a separate thread about it. Since then the guy who lives there has come back less than pleased, shouting the odds and kicking over a moped the police discovered and moved.

Thanks for that Cara, I was on walking up the road and I got a massive shock when I saw the guy kicking the moped and then lifting it up and smashing it hard on the ground.  He then casually walked off, down the road... I reported this to the police but no one got back to me.  Now, I know why...

Cllr Alexander has tweeted that there's been a stabbing. Grim, but I guess no area of London is immune. I do hope the person is not too badly hurt.

I spoke to the police who were blocking off the road this morning - terrible news - the policeman said the victim was still alive but didn't know anything more.



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