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I need them to add some discounts to my account, but they've not replied to my emails in over a year. I am trying to avoid ringing them as I find their phoneline inaccessible. 

Any hints? I will be owed quite a bit of backpay as the discount should have been applied over a year ago. 

It would be nice if Haringey were less incompetent over things like this. 

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My experience exactly. I emailed my local councillors which did the trick. Shouldn't have to but....

That's what I'm doing currently. Trying to chase about four compliants - all disability related, all Haringey related and I'm struggling to get anywhere with them. Big indiffereance to accessibility in haringey, whethere physcial spaces, council resources etc. - it's all crap. 

Which councillor did you ask to help? 

Actually the Libdems in Alexandra park ward...

 Philip  you "... emailed ... local councillors which did the trick. Shouldn't have to but...."

Exactly so.
Shouldn't have to. I called this approach to a local councillor "a soft door". In contrast with the "hard door" of letters, emails, queues etc. But failing to reply to emails in over a year is entirely out of order.
Did you complain? Sending copies of the emails up the chain of command? If necessary to the Chief Executive?

There's also a middle route as well. As I recall one of the so-called "cabinet" councillors has Council Tax within their remit. You'll find them listed on the website.

A friendly request to them is worthwhile. Not just for yourself, but because everyone benefits if the faults in the system are detected and sharpened up. And perhaps even more so if disability issues are involved and several separate cases are included.



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