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I got my leaflet today stating that from October you have to pay £75 a year for garden waste collection. Further bulk collections will cost £25 for 4 items then £10 per item. If the dustman break your wheelie bin or you don't have one you have to pay £30.

I rang Haringey who transferred me to veola. Veola say it's Haringey council who decided they need to save 20 million for social care.

I am disgusted. I have lived in this borough for 53 years and all this is going to do is make people dump rubbish in the streets in a borough that has the worst fly tipping in England.

As far as saving money for social care, already the council tax bill went up to cover this. Haringey council should stop wasting money on other things.

I for one will not pay £75 and I suggest Haringey think again..

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I agree that government has cut funding to councils. However look how much Haringey wastes money on as mentioned before. I strongly believe that councils have to stop blaming central government for their incompetence in budgeting what they do have. Remember council tax increased to fund for care and again I say why subsidise a hotel? Why pay thousands for a change of name? Why fund redoing Wood Green again only a few years after they last did it. The answer is sack the council and put the decisions back into the hands of the people.

there will be more dumping from the new cost of charging for furniture etc collection, than garden waste.  These already get dumped too much anyway but those landlords who have been doing the right thing in the past are very likely to choose not to pay £25 to get a mattress or fridge taken away.   At least for sacks of hedge trimmings, many of us can get the resources together to take stuff to the tip (or collective local compost site, that's a great idea)  but few of us can carry fridges, sofas and wardrobes very far.

Yes it applies to all Haringey. They are very clever because the first changes start 24th July 2017 and the charge for garden waste October 2017. They left it late to tell us to try and stop people protesting
I vented on twitter today to Haringay my parents are in their 80 and have lived here all their lives as have I .
How are they expected to pay that much on a shit pension to have their garden waste collected , besides of all you have to do to get it collected is own a bin surely people are just going to steal them ? It's a bloody outrage and typical of Haringay to pull a stunt like this. How about they use the money from wireless festival they must be getting millions from all the things going on in FP we have to put up with. No one will pay it , they can stop paying to have the waste collected and people can fly tip a bit more in pretty sure they aren't bothered ... thank you for bring I got this up and glad we aren't the only ones outraged .
I expressed my anger both on twitter, phone call to Haringey who of course tried to pass it to viola. All I can say is that I will just put my garden waste in the black bin and if the dustman break my wheelie bin then they will just have to collect black bags. Haringey get enough money from us and they are not getting anymore from me
True the theft of bins will be an issue once they have a value.
Can I just point out that I live in a flat with no garden on an estate with no garden waste collection. In fact no doorstep collection of any kind. So in effect currently I am subsidising the garden waste collection for people who have gardens.

If you have a car you can take your garden waste to the R&R. That's one way to get around the charge. But if you have it collected it does cost money to do this.
But Sarah, we all subsidise others in one way or another. I don't use library services, schools, day centres and most other council funded services but I don't resent subsiding those who do.
Yes Sarah, people with cars can take recycling to the tip but there will no doubt be enormous queues at the tip, the skip will be overflowing ( as it was yesterday) and how can all the extra traffic be green?
This is a really bad idea which will increase fly tipping and reduce recycling. Also how much money is this going to save when the recycling lorry is going to be collecting food waste anyway. I think it's going to cost more considering the cost of administering the charge of the very few who opt for a bin and the cost of clearing fly tipping.
Also Sarah, as I live in a house with a garden I would imagine that my council tax bill is higher than those who live in a flat without one. I think I probably already pay for my garden waste collection service many times over.
Excuse me? How are you subsiding? If you live on a council estate, in a flat we are actually subsiding you for the maintenance of your estate on top of your council tax being a lot less then others who have a house. An secondly you still have collections if not more as most people in flats put any rubbish including bulky items by the large bins and they take it free
Do you really think that? I pay over £1100 service charge to cover cleaning of the estate which includes the roads through the estate. This is not covered by my council tax or yours.

Bulky items are only collected from the bulk store on the estate. If I ever have any bulky items I'll have to work out how to get them there as it's a fair distance from my flat, as are the recycling and food waste bins (general waste is marginally closer). The food waste bins are always contaminated, I'd love to have my own collected from my doorstep.



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