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I got my leaflet today stating that from October you have to pay £75 a year for garden waste collection. Further bulk collections will cost £25 for 4 items then £10 per item. If the dustman break your wheelie bin or you don't have one you have to pay £30.

I rang Haringey who transferred me to veola. Veola say it's Haringey council who decided they need to save 20 million for social care.

I am disgusted. I have lived in this borough for 53 years and all this is going to do is make people dump rubbish in the streets in a borough that has the worst fly tipping in England.

As far as saving money for social care, already the council tax bill went up to cover this. Haringey council should stop wasting money on other things.

I for one will not pay £75 and I suggest Haringey think again..

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Arrrggh! Just read the leaflet. As everyone has already said, it's a ridiculous idea - hardly anyone will pay that amount for a) a service that they don't use every week and b) another bloody huge plastic thing in the front garden. And it is so unenvironmentally friendly - all that green waste which will end up going into landfill (via domestic waste bins) and even more dumping in the street than there is at the moment.

What I really don't understand is why they want to do this via another plastic bin which most of us can't fit in our tiny front gardens. Putting the charge to one side, why can't they keep the bag system - at least that can be stored away when you aren't using it? Does anyone have any idea of the logic behind that - it just seems designed for leafy houses in N10 rather than the reality of life in lots of other parts of Haringey

Like others my first thought was about sharing - but am also wondering about not paying it and just taking stuff to the tip (although we'd need to hire a car each time). Anyone on mid-Seymour who wants to talk about some kind of sharing deal let me know. 

The Kober Kouncil are planning to take a loan to gift Spurs £30.5 million towards the "podium" around their new stadium. As we council taxpayers will be paying the interest on this loan, how about Spurs making their new podium available as a 'Bring' site for garden waste?
After a while it will mulch down and they can plant trees and bushes so it will really look as green and pleasant and forested though the windows of their new restaurant as now shown in the artist's impression on their website.

Since it sounds like a community facility, maybe the "podium" can be used to provide a drop in centre for those in need of adult social care?  I'm sure that would provide great synergy with the caring/sharing corporate image Spurs like to portray.

And where exactly is that lovely woodland going to be planted?  It's perfect for me to peruse while eating my prawn sandwiches and ruminating over the merits of a three-man back line.  I guess it should block some of the fly-tipping from view, as well as making up for all the paved-over gardens.

Honestly, what a hilarious image, reminiscent of something from my 1980s Usborne "Book of the Future".

What to do ?

email your councillor (s) and tell them you think this is a very bad idea and what do they propose to do about it ?

Im going to put garden waste into the food recycling.
And if your black bin or food bin gets damaged or lost they want you to pay to replace it
Ultimately they have raised my council tax by £1.45 per week.
Haringey has usable reserves of £167 million.

But you are allowed to write your name on the bin - I mean wow that is so generous.  Gosh I hate our council - this is encouraging dumping and increased landfill and imagine how they would (not) handle a large scale emergency.

The large scale emergency is the continued progressive withdrawal of funding by central government, which is affecting all councils of all political balances and all levels of (in)competence. 

I don't like this change either, and I can imagine what the queues will be like at the    one   remaining recycling facility (Park View is set to close), but it's not entirely in the council's hands when they have to continue funding statutory responsibilities like some social care with less money.

I think mostly we are saying that this won't save much because dumping will escalate and the cost of clearing that will balance out any savings.  Maybe not in Muswell hill where £75 is percentage-wise less than it is over here, but I'd like to see their costings.

And for those who do not have a car these facilities aren't an option



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