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Andreas and Julia Michli's Cypriot Shop on St Ann's Road/Salisbury Road corner - time to use it or lose it folks

Hi neighbours

I'm writing this to encourage us all to put our money where our mouths are. We need to support this fantasitc little shop better to help it survive these difficult economic times.

Let me pour out my heart to you!

I love this shop. It's one of the best things about living around here.  

My husband and I pop in two or three times a week, for fruit and veg (recently their watermelon and figs have been amazing), halloumi, olives and their dried beans which you can buy by the weight. Julia and Andreas - and their staff Mehmet and a young man I don't know the name of - are just fabulous.

Mehmet often hangs around outside to look after my bike. Julia remembers my name and asks after my family. Andreas asks me what I'm cooking and tells me a tip or a trick to make it better, or tries to make me abandon my idea and try another recipe altogether! I've tried new vegetables I hadn't heard of and their olives are just delicious. They've got loads of spices, breads and greek cheeses too. Some of their products are a little more expensive than on Green Lanes, but many are the same or cheaper.

I've seen a few posts on here about this fabulous little shop on the corner of St Ann's Rd and Salisbury Road. I've read people calling it a treasure trove, saying it's the reason they moved to the area. I've heard praises sung of Andreas and Julia, being surely the friendliest shopkeepers in the area?!

Andreas and Julia are amazing people. They've had this shop and been part of the community since the 1970's. They work hard and so interested in their customers. Often when I go in, someone is pouring their heart out to Julia or Andreas is giving out natural health tips (rosemary tea is good for diabetes apparently).

Business is tough for little shops like this. We live in an era where more and more of us shop at bigger and slicker stores. Those of you who live on the ladder might not have even seen this shop before, as it's tucked away from Green Lanes.

They have plans to retire in the next few years, but Andreas and Julia have talked about selling up recently as business hasn't been good for a while. They are optimistic people, it makes me sad to see them looking dejected. I really don't want them to go and I'm sure those of you who know them don't either.

I'm now calling for us to support this shop better. If we want to keep it, let's make more use of it. If you stick to Green Lanes, come down and see this shop some time. Bring neighbours and visitors. If they don't have what you want, ask them, they'll more than likely try and get it for you. (I am working on organic milk which is apparently tricky for small businesses to source effectively - if you want this please do ask them!)

I try and spend at least £10 per week in there on food on principle. If 100 of us were to pop in and spend a fiver in there per week as part of our weekly shopping, that would make a big difference for them. 

Can you help?

With love,



We will also need to help them find a replacement buyer in the longer term, as this post says http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/andreas-michli-wants-to... 


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That is a proper farm shop.  They sell produce from their farms in Cyprus and Hertford.

yes- which is one of the reasons they're really passionate about what they sell, they know where a lot of it has come from and what's gone into it!

Just been to see Andreas and Julia. Turns out quite a few people who read this post have been in to the shop - and mentioned this post to them and telling them how much they loved the shop! They were really happy to get appreciative comments from people. It is nice to be reminded of our worth. So thanks to everyone who did this and please do continue to show support, both by spending there and by offering kind words.

shilps2 , Hugh might help you organise a Cashmob event?

One word... YES!! i can offer to help too.

shilps2, I'm sure if you pop a comment on Hugh's profile he'll back to you.

thanks matt, done.

I Iive opposite this shop and it is one of the reasons I moved to the area. I am now a pensioner living on my own so don't spend as much there as I used to. It's good for buying farm produce so please remember to try it out and enjoy some happy conversation as well. 

Ahh. That is really lovely. And you are absolutely right. Andreas and Julia are completely irreplacable.  They have watched our children grow up and rejoiced in them, have the best olives in Green Lanes,  taught us how to cook various extraordinary vegetables, call us up when they get fish in (as they know we like it....), give keys to our house guests..... Its also worth mentioning that Andreas sells a vast selection of herbs and spices and also knows loads about herbal remedies, so if you have a cold or any sort of ailment really, he'll have a herb that will help you.... A cash mob would cheer them right up. Properly.

I've told Shilpa that sadly, since these things take quite a bit of time to organise, with all the other stuff I spend time on locally, I just don't have the time to organise another cash-mob right at the moment. I'll be delighted to support a group of you in doing so, however. The site is at your disposal and I'll happily retweet all the tweets you want me to. I'm sure that Simon at Big Green and Richard from Bowes and Bounds will be very happy to help out too.

Thanks everyone!

What did you think of it Jessica?

Thanks for advice Hugh.

Few things I'm thinking - please respond.

a) is a Saturday morning say around 11am a good time to do it? What do you all think?

b) we could ask everyone to spend a fiver rather than a tenner - might make it more inclusive for local people?

c) I wonder if we could set up some kind of mural-making activity on the day. Everyone could contribute a doodle of what they like about the shop/produce/owners. I can find out if Andreas and Julia would be able to display it somewhere. Would need the help of local arty people to organise this! Please shout if you can help.

d) I tested the overall idea with andreas, he smiled and said it sounded great.

e) I could knock up a little flyer and poster to distribute in the area and as Hugh says, we can use this site to promote. Also if each of us could tell our residents' associations, facebook friends, neighours, i reckon we could get a good turnout.

f) Next step should be setting a date.

How does Saturday 24th November grab you (any of you, if you're reading this)

Superb. I'll come and am also willing to help to try and make sure it gets profile. To make sure your idea gets noticed, i might be worth copying your comment above to a new post.



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