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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I certainly don't intend to start a panic, or for that matter throw a bone (ha!) to dog- or cat-haters. Still, please believe me when I say this is a serious post.

Over the last few days I've come across three separate instances of an entire raw, dressed chicken having been dumped by the side of the pavement.

One each at:

- Bottom of Lothair Road South, opposite the Beaconsfield

- Green patch to the right, immediately upon entering Finsbury Park from the main Hornsey Gate.

- Wightman Road, the stretch between Atterbury Road and the bit that goes over the railway line, on the way towards Endymion Road.

Now, there's certainly no shortage of food waste dumped alongside the pavements of Harringay, and despite my best efforts my half-Lab seems to find some discarded fried chicken scraps to quickly gobble up on every other walk, before I can stop him.

What got my guard up was that he left these whole chickens alone. On the one hand he will keep eating until he bursts, but on the other hand he's pretty good at avoiding things toxic for dogs, such as chocolate or grapes. 

Which made me wonder - could this be someone trying to leave out poisoned chicken for dogs, cats or foxes?

Not sure where to report it, but first:

Am I being (unduly) paranoid? 

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This dumping might be a result of widespread fears over falling fowl of an impending Meat Tax. 

Miraculously, a little bantam cock in No. 10 has laid those fears to rest. 


Though bantam cock is a fiendish 3D chess anagram of hateful moron (keeping it clean for the family audience) 

The dog I walk for a friend/neighbour is definitely part of the zero waste brigade, and is forever pouncing on all the bread and bones people leave on the streets. But once she found a big pork chop under a bush and wouldn't have anything to do with it, so yes you could be right..



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