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I'm doing some research on the history of Alexandra Palace, and wondered if anyone knows why there is a Traitor's Gate and an Elephant Walk at the palace. Can anyone tell me the story behind these oddities?

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Thanks for the info, Stephen 

Hi Maria

I thought you might like to see this stunning picture I took from my balcony the other very hot and humid evening!

Best of luck with your history research. :)


Gorgeous photo, Kathy - thanks!

thanks so much for interesting info including the photograph  ..I worked there in the 60s on the Town and Around programme and was later on a committee whose aim was to re-open one of the studios for students   it is good that so many people are still concerned

Hi Sally, 

Have you seen the regeneration plans for the BBC studios, currently underway? 


We'd love to hear your reminiscences of working at Ally Pally if you would like to share them with us!

OK do you have a meeting or other event I can attend?   I live in Crouch End, not far away

Hi Sally,

I'll be on holiday for the next couple of weeks, but will speak to the Volunteer Co-ordinator and see if we can arrange something for September, if that would suit you.

Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum is keeping me busy at the moment and I have 2 cataract operations coming up very soon so later in September will be fine 

Hi Sally,

Sorry it's been so long since I last contacted you, but I've been busy working on a project at Ally Pally. We are scanning the archives for the Google Arts & Culture project and among the old BBC photos I found the attached, which was labelled "Town and Around". When I saw it I immediately thought of you!

Can you remember any of the people in the photo - are you one of them?

Kirsten Forrest, who is the Palace's Regeneration Manager, is very keen to meet you to talk about your experiences of working for the BBC at the Palace. If you are still happy to do this, please let me know when you might be free and where you would like to meet. You are very welcome to meet us at Ally Pally if this is convenient.

I hope your cataract operations went well, and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, 





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