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Hello, we are in the process of buying flat on Allison road and was wondering if you could tell us something about neighbourhood and street neighbours.  Cheers, Adam

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Hey Adam,

Regarding neighbours, we have a WhatsApp group chat that people are in so we can help each other etc so you’ll be able to get to know your neighbours quite well! We have loads of amazing places to eat on green lanes, and a few parks nearby too :) 

Hi Elladee, 

I've lived on Allison Road for just over two years - how do I become part of the whatsapp group?



I lived on there for ten years or so. It's generally a good street: it has less traffic than most ladder roads and is a convenient location between the tube/Wood Green at one end and the park/Arena shopping at the other and in the midst of some of the busiest part of Green Lanes for shops, cafes, etc

There are a couple of HMOs (and one property split into multiple flats) that seem to generate quite a bit of dumping but nothing too bad.

The properties are generally very quiet out the back and you can always hear plenty of birds which is nice.

We moved to Allison 3 years ago and it’s a lovely road, great community spirit and support. There are a few HMOs (as there are on pretty much any Haringey street). As a previous poster pointed out it’s not as busy traffic wise and is nice to be in the middle so a 10 min walk to Wood Green or to the arena shops/Finsbury park park, and the new river path is right at the top of the road. If you’ve got kids added bonus of being mid-way between north and south Harringay primary schools so usually get pick of both, and chestnuts school



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