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I was made aware of this earlier today and thought it may be relevant and of interest to other locals:

Petitioning Haringey Council and The Heritage Lottery Fund

This petition will be delivered to:

Haringey Council and The Heritage Lottery Fund

Help save the historic Studio walls marking the birthplace of television at Alexandra Palace from obliteration (link to petition below):


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I would rather have Alexandra Palace looking more attractive (do people like seeing those bricked up arches?) and concentrate on a new space inside to celebrate the history of the BBC.

Sorry, a petition to save bricked up arches is not a priority of mine.


Totally agree - they make that end of the frontage really ugly, there are better ways of marking the building's historical importance than keeping them. And it wasn't built like that, was it. 

It needn’t be a case of unblocking all the arches. The most compelling argument in terms of conservation of heritage (which is what this planning application is supposed to be all about), is to retain the infilling of just four out of fifteen arches of the colonnade. This would be to restore the façade to how it looked at its most historic period of 1936 to 1939 – see photo below. This functional approach need not be ugly and it would be in keeping with the main building, which is already a mixture of different styles, the Victorian elements of which not very distinguished.


The best part of that BBC article John is the drone flying above Ally Pally giving us a great new perspective I doubt anyone has ever had amongst us!

Oh, how unfortunate.. they're on about 'the Birthplace of Television' again..  (Ally Pally isn't).

As I told Clive many, many, many threads ago. Ally Pally was a White Elephant before it was built, during construction, after the first fire and ever since. It's the wrong building, in the wrong place and now apparently, at the wrong time. It only looks good from a distance, on the skyline. Close up, it's quite a coarse building.

That said, I've never understood why Haringey Council has never used the site for a new/old Civic Centre. One that can be seen from all over the Borough. Imagine, Haringey Councillors resident in a palace!



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