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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Aldi relent and rebrand their Harringay store from 'Aldi Haringey' to 'Aldi Harringay'

Back in July this year I noticed that Aldi seemed to be planning to open their new Harringay store as Aldi Haringey. I dropped them a quick note on Twitter and got the standard response back that it would be looked into. I didn't really think any more about it.

Then a  couple of weeks ago, Harringay local Nigel Lupton noticed that Aldi were still planning on opening as Aldi Haringey, despite the store being in Harringay and being their second store in Haringey.

In the past few days two other local tweeters also contacted Aldi on Twitter to mention the same error.

Yesterday, we noticed that both the signage and the website have changed and the branding now shows as Aldi Harringay. That was either quick work, or they had the change in the pipeline. Either way, thank you Aldi.

Perhaps we can now persuade McDonalds to make the same correction.

Aldi signage, 8th October and 20th October, Photos Nigel Lupton

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Actually, I've just spotted that I'm half-way there with McDonalds. They now have the store name correct but not the street address.

I received a large 4-page leaflet through the door yesterday publicising the new Aldi store, but it spells it ‘Haringey’. I guess the message didn’t get through to everyone. Maybe I should keep the leaflet as it may become a collector’s item!

The website and store signage only changed yesterday. I assume that the leaflets had already been printed. 

when will this shop open up, does anyone know?

According to some info on Google Maps, a week today - 28th

That's right, confirmed by Mk 1 eyeball a couple of days ago.

A4 sign ["GRAND OPENING"] high up on one door.

The number of people who tried to open the doors in a five minute period.....

They're desperate, Gordon. Crazed with desire for affordable gravidlax

Maybe have a word about the neon sign @ the new KFC as well

In sight of the bridge and all!

Yup, that was picked up by @HarringayBirder on Twitter today. I'd never noticed it. I’ve tweeted KFC as a first step. I guess the more people who raise this with them, the more likely they are to act. 

Will do the same once I take some pics

...or just use @HarringayBirder's?

Can you use your influence on the new Muswell Hill Co-op - which is in Hornsey...



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