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Hi everyone,

I've got two jobs that need doing, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend someone to do them:

1) We have an old TV aerial that needs removing as it is becoming unsafe, it's attached to a chimney of a 2-storey victorian house.

2) We need the gutters cleaning.

If you can recommend someone for each that's great but they're both small jobs so it might be a better prospect for one person to do both.


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Check the posts linked via the tags added under your post

I get my window cleaner to deal with gutters and bung him an extra tenner.

  Best to try John 073 8883 6135

Thanks Hugh, I somehow forgot to tag the post.

I'm still hoping I can get one person to do both jobs, but failing that I'll follow up the tagged recommendations. Although the aerial doesn't need an erector, just someone happy working on the roof with a hacksaw and a length of rope!



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