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I should avoid Wightman Rd for a bit.

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In the country I live in, you'd be fined serverely for posting 'gaffers' like this. I'd certainly report you.  Relatives and family may not yet know and could see/find out about it here on HoL first.

A nice fat fine of 1,000 to 5,000 or two years behind bars would be winging its way to you. https://www.bussgeldkatalog.org/gaffer/

Only trying to help Stephen. 

What is a " gaffer "?

It's the name for people who delight in taking photos of accidents, injured and dead people. Imagine that was a family member of yours' car, and you saw that photo here. You don't a photo to 'help'. No, that is sensationalism.

I'm sure the moderators will take it down if they think it's inappropriate.

"You don't photo to 'help'."  As a local motorist who uses that road, I found it helpful Stephen, but I didn't find it sensationalist. I'm fairly sure John wouldn't post the injured, dead and dying.  

No photo was necessary to pass on the info.. It was sensationlist.

(Comment edited by site admin)

Actually I am not sure it was sensationalist Stephen. I think you are doing John a dis-service here.

It is a representation of the truth as it existed at the moment. This is relevant to those of us living on the Ladder and who have consistently campaigned for less traffic, and better measures to manage the traffic that does inevitably cross our streets. It is is real evidence of risk that we are constantly telling decision makers who do not wish to listen exists. 

You are right, there could have been fatalities, hopefully though evidence like this cannot be so easily be dismissed and it may avoid such an occurrence should decision makers make different choices.  

While I can see both sides of the discussion here on whether the picture is appropriate, it's very clear that a personal slur is not appropriate at all and doesn't really help anyone to see your view in a positive light, Stephen.

Just to be clear, my comment no longer makes sense because the comment I was replying to has been edited - I'm not making random accusations!!

Stephen, you need to get a life.

Oh, & btw, well done John for posting said pic.. very informative, we now know why the road was blocked off 

(This comment has been edited by site admin)

Thanks Paul. I don't mind his comments. I don't know why but Stephen has never liked me and he often has a go. 

Glad to hear you have a thick skin., John.  But other people would be offended to be at the sharp end of a comment like Stephen’s or Paul’s. They are edited as they contravene our house rules and it’s important that people understand that insulting comments are not okay on HOL. 



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