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Photo: Justin Guest (with thanks)

There was an accident mid-morning this morning on Wightman Road between Harringay Station and Alroy Road. The road was/is closed.

It is not known how the accident happened, nor if there were any injuries.

Poor Duckett Road is suffering the consequences, as I imagine are other roads.

                                                                                  Photo: Justin Guest (with thanks)  

 I'm told that Wightman was queued up to Turnpike Lane.


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Bloody LTN.

I'm not surprised there was such an accident. The changes recently made to the road layout make it very dangerous in my opinion.

I think the interesting thing here Glenys is that there have been no material changes to this stretch of road (please someone correct me if I am wrong).

That's the stretch between Umfreville and Atterbury, looking north in the first pic.

There was on-pavement parking both sides before, which has changed to no parking west side, bay parking east side protected by buildouts.  Pulling out from Umfreville or Atterbury onto Wightman, driver's view to the right is more restricted than before, by the full width of parked vehicles. If the nearest is a van, even worse.

The solution (for me) is not to pull up to the broken white line but to hang back so you can see oncoming southbound traffic 'behind' the line of parked vehicles.

Some may feel that's material. I don't know.

As to this collision, the cars rest outside number 40 Wightman Rd which is not near either road junction, so unlikely to be from what I've described.

Airbags deployed in both cars; not a low-speed bump, then.

And thanks Justin for the legwork - Wightman south end to Hewitt/Green Lanes is a bit of a walk.

I agree. It's probably the least changed section. Carriage width is the same, no new wiggles - perhaps this is what encouraged our young ( I assume ) nitwit to overtake; he wanted to get past before the wiggles and bumpier humps started.



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