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A shout-out for Veolia & Haringey's record on fixing reported problems

The other week, I added a post praising Network Rail's response in dealing with graffiti on the New River path.

I've recently been very impressed with the council's response on reported street issues. So. I thought it only fair to recognise that too.

Veolia have been particularly impressive. I now almost count on reported fly-tipping being cleared up within 24 hours. I use the report-it app, always take a photo and try and be as accurate as possible with the location - takes bout 90 seconds to report.

Recently, I used to app to report graffiti that had been sprayed on the bike hanger at the top of Hewitt. That too was dealt with rapidly; I think within about 48 hours.

in the summer, I reported a problem with part of the pavement on Hewitt just to the east of Wightman and a few months earlier, a dislodged kerb stone on the corner of Hewitt and Wightman. Both were remedied - not as quickly as the litter or graffiti, but within a reasonable and acceptable timescale. 

It makes a real difference if you know that reported problems will be dealt with. It's positive to  to have some agency over how where we live looks. 

So thank you to Veolia and the Haringey response team/s. I'm impressed. Please keep it up. 

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I have to agree with you about Veolia. I share bins with other tenants, who seem to have a problem recycling which results in 'contaminated' bins. One quick call to Veolia and the bins are cleared on the weekend. 

Our experience with Veolia has been with very frequent missed collections over recent months, sometimes of recycling, but most often of food waste. Especially over the summer, when temperatures were very high, the food waste situation was catastrophic. It has remained awful coming into the autumn. It has been even worse at a temporary Bounds Green address over the last two months (just one actual collection, despite frequent emails to the council) than it was at our regular Ladder address. I've had a complaint upheld, but actual outcomes remain disappointingly terrible.

Yes, I've always had fairly prompt action from Veolia when reporting dumping. I believe Haringey is taking rubbish collection etc in-house soon, interesting to see what happens...

In-house is fine, but I do hope they can maintain the recent level of performance shown by Veolia. 

Bear in mind that Veolia responds to what Haringey  Council asks them to do. For example I was told that to cut costs following covid it is Haringey council that asked for less crews and so we have mnay more misssed collections. So let's hope that by bringing in house that the service levels do not deteriorate.

Of course this is anecdotal so needs to be confirmed.



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