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There has been a bit of support for taking photos of rubbish left on The Ladder streets on one day in the summer - Sunday 9 July. The idea is that all the photos are posted on this discussion, one post per street with pics, and then forwarded to the Cabinet Member for Environment.


It not a major undertaking, just up one side of the street and down the other, not forgetting the bits at the tops and bottoms of the road on Green Lanes and Wightman.

So far we have the following rubbish photographers

Justin Guest - Pemberton
Kotkas - Mattison and Duckett
Me - Warham, Seymour, Allison and Beresford (and Lausanne if my legs hold out)
Els - Sydney and Raleigh
Osbawn - Avondale
John D - Hampden and Frobisher
DS - Fairfax and Falkland
Hugh - Hewitt
ThaiDi -Hermitage
GraemeTP - Effingham
Gordon T - Cavendish and all points south


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Oh dear, I've caught him behind the bike sheds so perhaps should not have shared!

A lot goes on behind the bike sheds - not just smoking

So, perhaps you shouldn't have.

How long did it take the council to remove this tree stump?

A. 2 days

B. 11 days

C. 2 weeks

D. 11 weeks

Is it still there?

Go on, Nick. surprise us. Open the envelope. And the winner of the on-the-stump-award is . . . . . ?
Who arrived to remove it ten minutes after you phoned it in?
Well, in the past, stranger (and nicer) things have happened to me.

It's probably little consolation but this sort of problem seems pretty much as old as our neighbourhood. 

Reporting on the most recent meeting of the Harringay Ratepayers Association in its Jul 28 1905 edition, the North London Mercury & Crouch End Observer had the following:

Perhaps we should think ourselves lucky!

Apparently they too had little trust in the Council:

Plus ca change.

This from outside the Infants on Pemberton this morning, and yesterday. This Veolia bag was left on Wednesday and has been there for 2 days. The effect of leaving it overnight has been the foxes spreading it around the street. I have cleared up the stuff that has come out of the back, but the main purple bag remains. I have let our Councillors know of the issue.



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