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In a telephone conversation with my GP one Thursday morning in May he said I should go for a routine chest X-ray and an ECG.  The following morning I picked up his orders from the surgery.  First I dropped into our splendid local bookshop which opens at 10am to pick up something I had ordered.  Then I hopped on a 41 bus to Archway and went into the Whittington.  The X-ray service was on a walk in basis and when that was done, I learned the ECG also could be done without an appointment.  I took a numbered ticket and waited 15 minutes or so.  No sign of the NHS being on its knees in this case, both tests were completed and before 12 noon I was getting off the 41 in Tottenham Lane to get a late breakfast at the Ridge cafe.

Of course, the medical tests were free, and being an old geezer, so was the bus.  Pity about the breakfast.  I did have to pay for the full English but then, you can't have everything!

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Sounds good. Certainly cannot complain there. 

My experience with the NHS has been pretty good too since I moved to a new health centre..West Green..I'm very happy with them. 

Good luck with your results....

I had a similar experience on Monday (at the Heron practice in the John Scott Health Centre). Rang in the morning and told the receptionist I was worried about my blood pressure.  The practice pharmacist rang me back 5 minutes later to check on my medication and asked me to come in.  Was siting with the GP 30 minutes later, bloods taken in 10 minutes then down to The Homerton for a chest X-ray and back home in time for a late lunch.  GP texted me in the afternoon to say she had checked the X-ray and there were no problems.

Sometimes you do get lucky with the NHS

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Could you please explain what your comment means, Dan Smeaton.

I had my knee replaced two weeks ago.

I was referred by my GP back in the summer and seen by a consultant at the Whittington in October (I couldn’t make my original appointment in September so it was postponed for a month).

Despite the  stories of horrendous waiting lists for knees and hips etc, I was scheduled for an op at UCLH early in April. Unfortunately I caught Covid two weeks before but my surgery was rescheduled for 7 weeks later - 19 May.

i had a fantastic experience at UCLH. My total knee replacement was done in a day - I was chucked out that evening. The level of professionalism and care I received, including aftercare, has been superb. Every step of the process, from original diagnosis, to pre-op assessment, admission into hospital, the Mako robot assisted surgery, post- op recovery through to nurse home visit the next day has been excellent and has involved so many skilled practitioners, nurses and doctors alike.

My first physio session is booked for Monday at the Whittington.

If any of you are needing joint replacement surgery but are feeling apprehensive, I would heartily recommend it based on my own experience. 

This is all very encouraging.  It seems, as I thought, that NHS service is better in London than other parts of the country.

Crikey. What a story! This precisely the kind of procedure for which endless waits have so often been reported.

I had a very similar experience to Elaine W.  I had a partial knee replacement the day after hers.  I unfortunately didn't respond well enough to be sent home the same evening and I stayed in hospital for two nights.  The care was absolutely first class and all the staff - from the consultant to the porters - were professional, efficient, friendly and very considerate.

I am sure the NHS is desperately pressed, but I can only say that on this occasion it worked brilliantly for me.

I was picked up by an ambulance and taken to the Whittington in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. Had an ECG and a CT scan. I'm also at the West Green Surgery, who booked me in for a Holter monitor after the hospital suggested it (due to my ECG result). That's happening the week after next. I'm also selling my flat and buying another, probably in that week too! I'm only moving around the corner so hopefully I won't have to switch GP in the middle of all this...

I’m glad that some people are having a positive experience of the NHS. But when you are having regular treatment, you quickly realise how stressed the system is. Individual doctors, nurses and support workers all seem dedicated and incredibly hard working, but there does not seem to be any spare capacity. My partner, who has been struggling with chemotherapy and continuing prescriptions for pain relief and nausea has frequently found it difficult to arrange for necessary consultations and drugs on time.

The staff of the NHS and associated services (MacMillan etc) are all wonderful, but there are only so many hours in a day and we can see how overwhelmed they are. There is a great deal to recommend the NHS and we need to do what we can to look after it and prevent it’s gradual demise.

Ian sound words indeed



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