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We need to think about the cost of food and expensive vet's bills, but above all, that dogs are more dependent on us than cats.

They rely on us for regular exercise and companionship. A dog becomes a devoted family member and may suffer from 'separation anxiety' if left alone for long.

A puppy is not a toy but a rewarding responsibility. 

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The PDSA reckon that the basic cost of having a dog is between £50 to £105 per month depending on the size. This does not include the cost of the dog and things you need to set up but does include food and pet insurance. (Over the lifetime of a dog they say you should budget for costs of £6,500 for a small dog to £17,000 for a larger dog however this may be as high as £33,000 for some breeds.)

Yes, bear in mind if you send your dog to daycare then that’s at least 25 a day or 30 for overnights.  Our old whippet / greyhound cost us about - Brace Yourself -  £500 a month. Cost covered food, daycare, pet plan insurance and toys. Cheaper insurance would’ve brought the cost down to 375. 

However, the love was priceless!

Also worth knowing that a Battersea rescue like ours is a ridiculously economic £135. rescues are much more economic long term too especially mixed breeds which tend to steer clear of vet bills.

a Battersea are brilliant in matching you with the right dog and paired us with a gorgeous, loving boy we had 7 years of fun with. .if anyone needs Haringey / local rescue info or advice, just drop me a line or connection request

Finally, it’s always worth thinking.., A Dog Is For Life etc. They’re amazing but hard work, and just want to be with up you all the time so it’s massively unfair if you don’t feel the same way.

I would take issue with the comment that mixed breeds tend to steer clear of vets bills.  They are no less likely to than pure breeds, and if anyone thinks buying a 'designer dog' with a made up name is healthier then they need to realise that a cross between different breeds is also susceptible to any conditions the parent dogs might have.  For example anything crossed with a Poodle is likely to suffer from an eye condition called PRA which is also found in Spaniels and Labradors.  Most reputable breeders carry out health testing of breeding stock, and buyers should insist on seeing test results even for mixed breeds.  

For anyone interested, here is List of animal rescue places



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