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Can I also add poorlypaws to cats please? Run by Deana, all cats are quarantined, vaccinated, spayed and chipped. She also comes to see you after the adoption to ensure you're all ok. She's a hero. http://poorlypaws.org/

Thanks Rebekah, it's already on there. I made a note of PoorlyPaws before when you recommended it on another post. Looks like a brilliant place to get a cat, so thanks for pointing them out, as I hadn't heard of them until you mentioned it.

Sorry Justine and thanks so much. There is a little beautiful, cuddly, boy cat there at the moment who is recovering from acid burns on his back. I am having to sit on my hands to stop myself getting him and upsetting my two...

Also "street cats" which hasn't got a Web page and is  a woman band called Gloria Who always has cats she is fostering needing new homes, my friend often fosters cats for her, I have details

Cyprus Pride House is listed above. If you've ever been on holiday abroad and worried about stray animals needing homes or fed them -  a lovely British couple decided to do something about it - and for about 15 years they have neutered and rescued dogs and cats from Cyprus and they rehome them over here. Many of the dogs and cats are in foster homes over here, awaiting permanent homes. Home checks are done, just like any other rescue.
Photos of their puppies, dogs, kittens and cats needing homes here www.cypruspridehouse.org         

For example, they've just notified us that they have 6 puppies needing homes, 3 months old, 4 black, 2 golden. Their mother Mamba is glossy black with a white strip down the front, like she's in black tie, and she needs a home too. (There are also other dogs which they are trying to find homes for which are currently on death row, such as a golden labrador and a pointer cross).

Reasons not to buy a puppy below, as it fuels disreputable puppy farming, so much better to give a rescue animal a home instead. Any rescue placed listed above will be happy to hear from you.



Just some of the dogs needing homes here, saved from death pound, by Cyprus Pride House and they also have puppies. Foster homes or permanent homes are needed and home checks apply.

Stokey Cats and Dogs are a local group who rescue cats. They have lovely cats needing homes. Please do contact them by email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com as they would love to hear from you with any queries. The cats have all been neutered and microchipped. Home checks apply.

Stokey Cats and Dogs are a local volunteer group who help pets and stray cats in the community and are also a useful source of advice and help. They help stray cats and get them neutered, microchipped and rehomed. They also rely on and welcome funds donated by the community through their fundraising here

I also regularly post updates of their Stokey cats needing homes here

If you can't offer a permanent home, please also consider becoming a temporary fosterer who looks after a cat while a permanent home is found. (All rescues need more fosterers for cats and dogs, to give them a break from shelter life until a permanent home is found).

Rescue places not only need permanent homes for dogs and cats, but they also need temporary fosterers as well.
For example, fostering a dog would involve temporarily looking after a dog until a permanent home is found - or to give a dog a break from rescue kennels. In case it's helpful to anyone, here are some explanations on fostering at Oldies Club and The Mayhew Animal Home and All Dogs Matter

Of course you often get very attached to the dog or cat and many fosterers end up offering a permanent home which is always a happy ending!

Below is a photo of Barley, a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier who has been waiting in kennels for a home for nearly 4 years. He got to stay in a volunteer dog walker's home over Christmas/New Year and other volunteer dog walkers give him a weekend stay at home when they can or when they are off work.

Barley is still waiting for a home and is at Rescue Remedies

I've looked at his details at 'rescue remedies' but the newest information is from 2014.

There is no telephone number to talk to anyone about him .... any tips of how to get some up to date info?


Barley at Rescue Remedies still needs a home, over 4 years waiting so far.

Oldies Club is another great dog rescue, specialising in helping older dogs find homes. As well as needing permanent homes for dogs, they also need more fosterers, to look after an older dog until a permanent home is found.



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