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This morning I got an alert about a blog posted on The Anonymous Widower website. I was interested to read some hints about changes that might be happening at Harringay, Green Lanes Station over the coming years.

I asked AW what shape he thought those changes might take and below is the reply:

The platforms will certainly be lengthened for four-car trains and the bridge may need replacing as it looks to be not much better than the one at South Tottenham, they replaced last Christmas. Certainly with the catenary to be mounted on the bridge Network Rail will be making sure it’s strong enough. I think that lifts will be added to the station, as they are being at South Tottenham.

Transport for London are very keen on creating interchanges, as this can solve more than one problem at a time, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see an innovative high level walkway linking the two Harringay stations, sticking to the railway land. Take a look at the Hackney Link, which is two straight level sections connected by stairs and a lift. The design mens passengers walk on the level and lose or gain height in one short piece in the middle. It’s a very good and simple design.

The ultimate interchange here would be to link the GOBlin to the Piccadilly Line. I don’t think it’s possible now, but tunnellers are using more and more innovative techniques and perhaps in a few years, it will be a piece of cake. Remember too, that there’s a short section of Victoria Line test tunnel somewhere under Manor House and there has been plans in the past for a sort out!

You could also see the station being extended eastwards to perhaps serve a housing development to the south of the GOBlin. The developers would pay for the station.

You can see the original post at anonw.com/2015/08/15/before-goblin-electrification-harringay-green-....

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Not sure I like the idea of high level walkways and tunnelling etc. This area will just become an interchange rather than a place to live. What's wrong with walking down Green Lanes to the Piccadilly line? 

The walkway won't happen, the existing road route is more direct.

What's wrong with an improved interchange though? It'll still be a place to live! A more accessible place to live :)

A Piccadilly line station there would be useful, or a connnection with Gospel Oak/Barking. A walkway to Harringay station on the Moorgate out to Hertford etc line would be stupid, what's wrong with the streets? But improving the bus connections and not charging us so much more for either wanting to get a bus from the tube or overground lines would be useful (I'd like a through tube fare ticket which also included the choice to jump on a bus from Turnpike Lane, Manor House or Seven Sisters without paying another £1.50 on top of the tube fare). 10 minutes along a route which feels safe at that time of day/evening for you to your nearest tube might be fine, when you're not carrying too much luggage or shopping, but sometimes I'm tired, it's dark and the walk home can feel creepy, I have too much stuff to trug back and/or I have a tired child or 2 with me.

Pavlos, if a bus is terminated before destination you can ask driver before getting off for a ticket to board next one without paying. They have to do that. No need to pay again when it's out of your control what buses get terminated. Their fault so they need to give you that little ticket. 

I looked on the excellent London Reconnections website for suggestions about the feasibility of any such changes, but so far there seem to be none.

A walkway between the two Harringay stations? As well as posing privacy issues for houses, the route that the planners might look at first would take part of Railway Fields. There are some unique plants growing there, and there would be strong opposition to damaging this wonderful resource for conservation and education.

A second exit to the east of Harringay Green Lanes station might be worthwhile though.

The wood Green regeneration has been a dissapointment, one weedy  tree outside Turnpike lans stn, and  no hire Bikes.

Given the distances between Manor House/Turnpike lane/Crouch End/Wood Green/HGL etc etc Boris and TFL is missing a trick here, Bike stations could be positioned  betweenand at  these stations (and Finsbury Park for that matter,  a cycleway through the park would be great).  at least there would be some sort of interim solution.

TFL should be looking at Pedelec electric bikes for rental as well, thay would make lot of sense, yes there would be logistic issues to address, but isnt that part of the job ?

Don't know what happened to this plan.

Thanks for that - thats exactly whats needed. So if its already been implemented elsewhere the logistic issues have been addressed so it just a question of implementation. I have an ebike and the advantages were clear, you can cycle up Muswell Hill with standard effort, and you can get from A  to B quickly.

The question now is why wasnt the plan just implemented, and why the delay given SF. Paris etc have them for years.

Boris has only expanded the cycle scheme out to his constituents.

I was pondering this only the other day. I've reached out in the thoroughly modern way, and tweeted Boris and TfL to see if they have an answer to whatever became of the plan.



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