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This morning I got an alert about a blog posted on The Anonymous Widower website. I was interested to read some hints about changes that might be happening at Harringay, Green Lanes Station over the coming years.

I asked AW what shape he thought those changes might take and below is the reply:

The platforms will certainly be lengthened for four-car trains and the bridge may need replacing as it looks to be not much better than the one at South Tottenham, they replaced last Christmas. Certainly with the catenary to be mounted on the bridge Network Rail will be making sure it’s strong enough. I think that lifts will be added to the station, as they are being at South Tottenham.

Transport for London are very keen on creating interchanges, as this can solve more than one problem at a time, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see an innovative high level walkway linking the two Harringay stations, sticking to the railway land. Take a look at the Hackney Link, which is two straight level sections connected by stairs and a lift. The design mens passengers walk on the level and lose or gain height in one short piece in the middle. It’s a very good and simple design.

The ultimate interchange here would be to link the GOBlin to the Piccadilly Line. I don’t think it’s possible now, but tunnellers are using more and more innovative techniques and perhaps in a few years, it will be a piece of cake. Remember too, that there’s a short section of Victoria Line test tunnel somewhere under Manor House and there has been plans in the past for a sort out!

You could also see the station being extended eastwards to perhaps serve a housing development to the south of the GOBlin. The developers would pay for the station.

You can see the original post at anonw.com/2015/08/15/before-goblin-electrification-harringay-green-....

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No ghosts. Until the 1970s my grandmother lived, I suppose, about 400m away from the line of route of the Victoria Line on St George's Road. https://www.flickr.com/photos/isarsteve/3628933258/in/album-7215763... ; Even so, the trains could be heard passing by, even though the line is reasonably deep at this location.



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