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This morning I got an alert about a blog posted on The Anonymous Widower website. I was interested to read some hints about changes that might be happening at Harringay, Green Lanes Station over the coming years.

I asked AW what shape he thought those changes might take and below is the reply:

The platforms will certainly be lengthened for four-car trains and the bridge may need replacing as it looks to be not much better than the one at South Tottenham, they replaced last Christmas. Certainly with the catenary to be mounted on the bridge Network Rail will be making sure it’s strong enough. I think that lifts will be added to the station, as they are being at South Tottenham.

Transport for London are very keen on creating interchanges, as this can solve more than one problem at a time, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see an innovative high level walkway linking the two Harringay stations, sticking to the railway land. Take a look at the Hackney Link, which is two straight level sections connected by stairs and a lift. The design mens passengers walk on the level and lose or gain height in one short piece in the middle. It’s a very good and simple design.

The ultimate interchange here would be to link the GOBlin to the Piccadilly Line. I don’t think it’s possible now, but tunnellers are using more and more innovative techniques and perhaps in a few years, it will be a piece of cake. Remember too, that there’s a short section of Victoria Line test tunnel somewhere under Manor House and there has been plans in the past for a sort out!

You could also see the station being extended eastwards to perhaps serve a housing development to the south of the GOBlin. The developers would pay for the station.

You can see the original post at anonw.com/2015/08/15/before-goblin-electrification-harringay-green-....

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Just move to Wood Green ;)

But I'd then be further from the bikes 

The cycle scheme devised by the former mayor, and subsequently managed by Boris and TFL has been fairly successful. However it needs improvement and to be brought up to date - something that should have beeb done years ago. Also the cycle infrastructure -cycleways etc  where is it?

Remember too, that there’s a short section of Victoria Line test tunnel somewhere under Manor House and there has been plans in the past for a sort out!

Hugh, the 1959 test tunnel for the Victoria line that you mention was built into the actual Victoria line tunnels from 1962 onwards. It was tunnelled towards Manor House from the air shaft at Netherton Road. So nothing unused remains. There was also tunnelling equipment and a shaft on Page Green Common at Seven Sisters.

Before the line was given the go-ahead, the idea of speeding up the Piccadilly line, by re-routing it directly from Turnpike Lane to Finsbury Park had been considered, as well as transferring Manor House station to the Victoria line. But all was much too expensive and would have left a considerable amount of unused tunnels Finsbury Park>Manor House>Turnpike Lane. It shouldn't be forgotten that the Victoria line was built on a very tight budget and it's actual construction had been very touch and go until the last minute. It had also been originally planned to build it to sub-surface line size, as well as past Hoe Street to Wood Street at Walthamstow. All these ideas were discarded in order to cut costs. Also third escalators at some stations were not installed, as well as the ceiling tunnel lining at stations east of Seven Sisters.

1959 views of the test bore and tunnelling works at Netherton Road

And a contemporary view

Interesting, ta very much. Shame they cut costs back then on Vicky line as now they are having to spend a lorra money on upgrades to cope with increasing amounts of users. 

Isn't it always the way Ruth..

I had always wondered what was in that building. It's one that I would love for one of the talented local Street art collectives to come and give some love to - but would that likely be an issue for TFL? (fortunately they have now removed the less attractive daubing shown in this photo)
On this geographical map of the tube lines you can see how the Victoria line takes a great arc through the park after it leaves Finsbury Park station.

Fascinating. It also goes right under my house, which surprises me as I thought you could usually hear it when that was the case. We do get some of humming sounds I've never been able to explain so maybe they are distant trains
Nah. People on their way from a Spurs match moaning

We can very clearly hear the trains when it's quiet in the back of our house (guests who have kipped on an airbed have commented on it often), but we're two streets over from the line according to the map. Perhaps we've got ghosts.



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