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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The attached article was published in Rail magazine about the upcoming electrification works to the GOBLIN line that runs through Harringay Green Lanes Station.

Thanks as always to Glenn Wallis, Secretary of the Barking to Gospel Oak Rail User Group for passing this on.

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Interesting. So residents living along the line will be seeing a lot more freight trains as the drivers avoid central London. Most of the £130m cost is for creating clearance (digging down) under low bridges, which aren't being replaced (like our bridge down the road). Very clear article, thanks for posting.

It is interesting that, here in 2016, parts of the rail network in the UK are finally being electrified, at considerable cost and disruption. When steam locomotives were due for retirement, and replacement with a different form of propulsion, the UK (and British Rail) was faced with a choice between electrification and using diesel powered locomotives. Of course, the choice was for diesel. This was in the early to mid-sixties. So, 50 years later, the UK is finally trying to get it right. And people wonder why the UK is not the leading European economy ...



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