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So, I am getting the kids from Fairlands after tennis yesterday noticing an unusually large amount of dog crap in the passage when I spots a stocky black pit bull type dog with no collar on gaily skipping out of the passage from Seymour to Hewitt and I spot a fresh pile of crap steaming gently away in the cool early winters morning air.

The dog saunters across the road (Seymour) and jogs up a few houses, pauses and hops into an open door.

I am afraid I could not let it lie, so I walked up to the house and picked the first of the 4 buzzers on the door and a guy comes to the door. "Does anyone own a black dog here?" I says. "Yes" comes the response. "Is it yours?" I press. "Yes" he says. "Well he has just done crap in the passage way...". A pause to let the silence hurt a bit. "Oh, yes, he just escaped... Better clean it up." and off he wombles to get a bag.

To his credit, he was not aggressive, the conversation was very civil, and he cleaned it up.

What was apparent (and there is a bit of superstition on my part here) is the dog was shooed out as he could not be arsed to take it for a walk and clean up after it. The door  was left open waiting for the dog to return, with no care of what the dog did while out...

The guy knew he had been fingered, and dealt with it. I wonder if he will think again next time and deal with his dog's mess a bit more considerately???

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Yeah they do, but having an address is an important first step.  There's CCTV in the passage, right?  Sounds like a relatively easy nick to me. 

I just checked the website and it looks like they do enforce, though the info there is very out of date so I'm not sure whether it's a priority.  I know others on here have their fingers far more on the pulse though so perhaps someone else can advise?

Email enforcement@haringey.gov.uk seems to be the best bet. Times, dates, description of dog and the address.

And yes, well done Justin!

I believe this got picked up (not literally) by a local resident who has issues with this individual, so the info I have has been passed on. I believe the relevant officer will "write" to the individual concerned. Not sure how effective this will be...

Good stuff - I see from my latest Haringey People magazine that they are actively enforcing now.  

see also "Dog mess"  (sorry about that)    when I lived in Islington 20 years ago, we had a neighbour who used to open his gate for his dog to shoot out and make his deposit by the lamppost outside my house   several neighbours agreed to keep an eye on the window and a camera nearby   we made this obvious to the dogowner who didn't know that the cameras were often without film.  we showed what little evidence we had to Islington council who stopped him 

add to above:   I should have also mentioned that my lovely funny gutsy mum was a Geordie, too

This is a real problem on Newsam Avenue, on our walk to school every day. I saw a Haringey Council poster yesterday telling people not to let dogs foul the pavement and mentioning a fine. It also gave a phone number you can ring about this particular issue: 0208 489 1335. So I did. I thought there was a bit less of the stuff on the way home tonight though it was dark and I did see a fresh bit, perhaps from tonight. I'm also hoping that they'll put a poster up there.



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