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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I just came across this delightful series of videos. It's published by the Chocolate Factory and tells the story a renowned British sweet maker Barratts who located in Wood Green not long after they were established in the nineteenth Century.


If you enjoyed this first video there are a series of three further videos on the Chocolate Factory's You Tube Channel.

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It's a glorious video isn't it - the whole film (all 4 parts) will be shown at an event featuring the Film maker David 'Tec' Evans at Bruce Castle Museum on January 28th.

Very interesting film.  In about 1954 I used to walk past Barratts in Mayes Road on my way to the indoor swimming pool nearly next door.  I wonder what happened to the pool? 

I think the pool is now this www.decorium.co.uk

Thanks both. I hadn't know that this building had once been pool.

I used to go swimming there in the early 80's. I also used to work in station rd and one day we saw some men stealing lead off the roof of the factory!

Brilliant - I did enjoy it. Would be good source for school local history projects.

There was a HUGE turnout today at the museum for this. They had to get extra chairs and it was standing room only. There was probably over 150 people for a lunchtime talk (usually they only get abt 20) t was nice for the film maker to have so many people come to see his work too. Lots of people who remembered the factory came although not many who'd worked there ( I did try and find someone).

People talked about the smell which could be detected up to a quarter of a mile away and of relatives coming home covered head to foot in sherbet which apparently wasn't very nice. Do watch the film if you haven't already. Full of interesting info.

This is fantastic. I used to work in a building on Bidborough Street in WC1 which was (in legend) a Barrets office built in the 60's. On the ground floor, in a tiny courtyard, is a life sized statue of a red horse and the lease made it compulsory that the horse remained where it is, despite any changes . I was at a meeting there a few weeks ago and the horse is still there.

My nan used to work here. Always remember the smell of liquorice!

Thanks Sharon. I'd be very interested in any stories / photos / memorabilia.

Hugh my mum worked there in the late 50 and i have an 8 by 10 group photo of some of the workers somewhere in my loft.

That would be great to see, if you can unearth it.



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