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I have a friend by the name of Mick Berg who lives on the west coast of California and he has just sent me a YouTube link to a short film he has made :

Mick spent his childhood in Muswell Hill living in Dukes Avenue – he was passionately interested in the old and derelict railway line from Alexandra Palace Station through to Finsbury Park and has done extensive research on the line and its history. Using some clever computer modelling and animation, Mick has produced this 20 minute film that gives an impression of what it might have looked like on the journey. It starts at Alexandra Palace Station, then through to Muswell Hill Station and on to Cranley Gardens, Highgate, Crouch End and Stroud Green, finishing on Platform 1 at Finsbury Park.

Suspend disbelief and imagine yourself on this journey!

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Very impressive, clearly though someone with time on his hands! 

No wonder it closed down with Signal Delays - But well designed and generated

Interesting. Thanks, Colin.

Fantastic, I can almost smell it, though Cranleigh Gardens Station has echos of the 'Living dead'. It would be wonderful if we could do that journey today but this is the nearest we will have. Well done.

Great Work! More on the line and its stations here

Disused Stations - Nick Catford

Interesting, and much as I would value a better rail link to Muswell Hill, I can’t help thinking how lucky we are to have the Parkland Walk. 

Fantastic piece of work. Sadly I never recall it being quite such a sylvan setting! And of course we always sat well behind in amongst the smoke and grit of the engine! The passing stock gives a good impression of how mucky it may have been. All he needs is smell-o-vision - and sticky upholstery - and he's got it spot on! Brilliant - thank you. 

PS - I read the title literally and for a moment there I thought something was seriously wrong with my memory!

Wow, brilliant work.  The recreation of the stations is especially impressive.  Did I see Lancaster Rd where Lanchester Rd was meant?



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