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From goslings at Woodberry Wetlands to a cheeky baby robin splashing me with water while I had a cup of tea in the garden, the fledglings are everywhere.

In my garden, I've spotted three teenage blackbirds (well done that Mum and Dad as blackbirds have a high mortality rate), great and blue tit siblings squabbling at the suet balls and, today, a scruffy little sparrow appeared for a drink. 

The baby robin, its orange breast camouflaged under brown feathers to avoid its parents attacking it, likes to take beak fulls of suet and search for insects up and down the pear tree. Since the baby blackbirds flew away, it's my new favourite bird to look out for.

Meanwhile across the road in the delightfully thick hedge, dunnocks are busy raising the next generation. The hedge is a favourite with them, they seem to come back year after year.

What baby birds have you spotted in the neighbourhood?

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No babies in the immediate neighbourhood, perhaps owing to the local cat density the local birds have found safer places to breed. I was tripping over ducklings and goslings in Finsbury Park a couple of weeks ago though.

Sparrows sparrows everywhere!  Occasional starling youngsters, and judging by the noise the parents are making there is a magpie nest nearby...

Yes, I’ve seen baby starlings in Chestnuts and Bruce Castle Park over the past couple of weeks. Good to hear about the sparrows after their recent struggles. Hopeful news.

Yes, lots of fledglings this year ... magpie, starling, bluetit, robin ... last one was staring at me in our garden just a couple o feet away as a drank my tea. It looked a bit grumpy :)

Greylag goslings in Finsbury Park, 13 May.



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