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Alan Stanton writes:

"I spotted some incorrect white parking bay end-lines lines... I assume these are not the only traffic lines in your CPZ which don't comply with Department for Transport Regulations - though I haven't yet checked.

I've posted the photos here:
* Endymion Road:

* Southern end of Venetia Road:

You might remember that my colleague Cllr Ray Dodds was told - back in February - that the two unlawful yellow junction boxes outside Tottenham Bus Garage were only a small part of the problem.

Ray and me now guess they were really scared - not of having to repay some of the tickets on the two bus garage boxes - but potential claims for all the other junction boxes - plus hundreds (possibly thousands?) of con-compliant CPZ parking bays; plus yellow lines,

Possibly including a few more streets in Harringay?

Of course, there was an obvious solution - last year or early this year, or whenever they first realised the problem. They could and should have quickly and efficiently corrected the faulty lines. Mostly, this is not a big deal. In most cases, it needs an extra short yellow 'T-bar' end-line ; or painting over each superfluous white line. If they'd started in February the job would be almost finished by now!

Instead, failing to make the lines and signs compliant, the door is wide open for:
(1) Successful appeals and loss of income
(2) Potential claims for repayment
(3) People deliberately parking in non-compliant bays on the assumption they will be able to appeal successfully against a ticket. Were this to happen, residents who've paid for permits and are legitimately parking in the CPZ might get very sore."

See this page of Alan's Blog for more on this issue

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Anyone interested in knowing the in's and out's of signs and lines might want to take a look at The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 and if a sign or line doesn't comply with the requirements of this instrument then it isn't enforceable.

For anyone who who might be interested in knowing more about parking legislation, it's always worth consulting the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and the Road Traffic Act 1991
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No, no, this is fine. Thanks :)
People may want to keep an eye on a Freedom of Information request made to Haringey Council by Deniss Baronov. It's posted publicly on the "What do they Know?" website. (Click here for the link.)

The query is whether or not the yellow box markings at the junction of Green Lanes and Warham Road comply with Statutory Regulations. As I've posted on this site and on my Flickr pages, from 2008 Cllr Ray Dodds and I continued to pursue this general issue with Brian Haley after the fiasco of the unlawful Philip Lane junction boxes. Credit as well to LibDem Cllr Martin Newton, who also made F.o.I. requests; like us, chasing for months to get changes made. Ray and I finally got an assurance (though not from Brian Haley, of course) that all Haringey's yellow box junction markings were being checked and either made legally compliant; or having enforcement suspended.

Niall Bolger, Director of Urban Environment has now written to Dennis Baronov stating that this particular yellow junction box does comply with the law.



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