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Didn't know where to post this one - it's a bit about cycling, a bit aboout photography, a bit about web 2.0 and a bit about crowdsourcing. So I'm keeping it simple and posting here to the main forum.

So what's this about? Just picked up on the following:

As part of a new brand-awareness campaign to promote its corporate spirit, Yahoo recently equipped a fleet of GPS-enabled bicycles with camera phones and sent them out onto the streets of major cities around the US. Launched earlier this month, the Start Wearing Purple campaign focuses on innovative ways to celebrate the eccentric side of life, as embodied in Yahoo's official colour. For the "Purple Pedals" portion of the campaign, Yahoo took a fleet of 20 custom-pained Electra Townie 8 bicycles and rigged each one with solar panels and a camera-equipped mobile phone mounted on the handlebars in waterproof housing. Each "yBike," as Yahoo calls them, was also given its own, dedicated Flickr account. The cameras were then rigged to take photos every 60 seconds while the bike is moving, and to immediately upload and geotag them on Flickr. The result is a photo gallery of life on the American roads in cities including New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Bethel, Vermont. Four of the bikes will be passed from rider to rider, and one will be given away through a contest.

So how about a purple bike for Harringay? To win you need to say in 200 words why you deserve a yBike. Could we crowdsource a response? Is there an imaginative cycling photographer out there wanting to take the lead? The competition runs from the 1st to 21st Oct. To find out more visit visit the Start Wearing Purple site.

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could be a project for the Harringay Cyclists group?
I'd love to do that. Most of my journeys are to the West End and back, but I'd make a special effort to
I've just looked up the Electra Townie 8

That's horrible!
you need to post this on haringay cyclist group
Posted a link to this post in the Cyclists' Group Karen - hope that's ok.
this is a brilliant idea - shame the website is such a dogs dinner. i was looking for a simple 'about this project' to send to a friend and i couldn't find one on either the blog or the website that hugh flagged up...!
You going to go for it Adam?
woohoo! Well done Adam. Keep us posted...



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