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I was just wondering if anyone else thinks that there has been a marked deterioration of the state of the Harringay Passage with respect to cleanliness - in particular dog (or other!) fouling. I have done a 'report a problem' on the Haringey website but I am also thinking of contacting our local councillors and Cllr Haley (as Cabinet Member for Environment and Conservation). I have found over the last few weeks it is like taking an obstacle course along the path - particularly with a pram.

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It's good that you mention this actually. I walked the Passage on Saturday morning and it appeared that although litter had been cleared, none of the dog mess had been touched. It stank. I was planning to email Dasos, the neighbourhood manager and councillors on Monday about it. Think it would be a good idea if anyone else who feels the same could also complain. And where are the ruddy enforcement officers?
I walked down the passage today at about 3pm and it was terrible... Who is Dasos and what is his email address? Is that who you email to complain?

how often do they clean the passage?
Here are the ward councillors contact details
Ward Councillor Contact Details
Harringay Ward
Cllr Gina Adamou (Lab)

Cllr Karen Alexander (Lib Dem)
Phone: 020 8348 3892
Mobile: 07875 490055

Cllr Carolyn Baker (Lib Dem)
Mobile: 07890 758659

and here is the contact for Dasos Maliotis,
who is the Neighbourhood Manager for St Ann’s and Harringay,
2nd Floor, Alexandra House
10 Station Road, Wood Green, London N22 7TR.
Tel: 020 8489 4936

Read more about the neighbourhood management service
Copy of my email to councillors, Dasos, LCSP and cc to Brian Haley
Dear All,
Regrettably, there seems to have been a marked deterioration in the cleaning of the Passage over the past few weeks. There seems to be days when whole sections are missed out on the cleaning days which as I understand it are still on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Also it is clear that the dog mess is simply being left, with the result that sections of the Passage are now extremely unpleasant.
A walk down the Passage on Saturday revealed to me that although the litter had been collected, no dog mess had been cleaned up at all. Dog bins were also full of other litter and had not been emptied.

This Passage is a route to two schools for a large number of Primary children in the ward. It is a safe and convenient route for them to get to school on foot, however, their journey is being blighted by this awful mess. Many people like to walk their under 5s down there for the same reasons of safety and security but the sight of so much stinking waste is not an encouragement for them to continue this practice.

Also given that there are enforcement officers who are meant to catch and fine people who allow their dogs to foul, when was the last time these officers patrolled and how many fines have they given out to irresponsible dog owners in the first 9 months of this year?

A number of residents have expressed concern at this marked failure to clean the Passage sufficiently well on the community website, harringayonline.com and I have urged them to write and complain. Please could you chase up both the contractors and the enforcement teams and find out what is going on. This state of affairs must not be allowed to continue

Yours faithfully
I wrote to Nilgun Canver about this last week. This is what I said (apologies, I had not realised things had got quite as bad as they had, so forgive the gentle start). I will copy on to the links Liz has supplied.

What do people think of my suggestion? Am ready for you all to accuse me of being a) bonkers and b) an authoritarian nutter. Both are probably true. Just can't think of any other ways of moving this on...

Dear Cllr Canver

We corresponded with one another earlier in the year on the (delightful) subject of dog owners failing to clean up after their dogs in and around the Harringay passage.

I'm pleased to say that the passage is being cleaned more regularly than it was, and so residents don't see as much dog mess as they once did. But without cleaning being daily (which is clearly unrealistic), the problem still very obviously remains. Which has prompted me to write to you again to ask how many dog owners have been prosecuted in the Harringay passage area so far for failing to clean up after their dogs.

To my mind enforcement of the law is the only way to make it clear to dog owners that they have a responsibility to clean up after their pets. I know how hard it is to catch someone at the appropriate stage and so had the following suggestion.

The Council should have a blitz against offenders for a short period of time, the aim being to prosecute as many people as possible and make a very clear example of them. Rather than patrol the passageway, I wondered about making use of the CCTV footage from the cameras in the passage (I assume the cameras actually work and are not just for show?), focusing particularly on the early morning and late evening period. Pictures of the offending dogs and their owners could then be printed out and posted along the passage (perhaps with a 'humorous' WANTED style message or even a reward if someone was to provide the identity of the person). I'm sure you'd get a fantastic response.

On writing this I'm aware how incredibly draconian it sounds, but - like many residents - am at my wits end as to how you can get something this easy across to people who just don't care what effect they had on others. Yesterday my toddler ran into the passage and slipped in a huge pile of dog mess, left bang in the middle of the passage. These hard core of dog owners are clearly resistant to any kind of appeal based on 'doing the right thing', so I wondered if a slightly different approach to the issue might be worth considering.

Yours etc
oh my god, this weekend was disgusting, my partner tried to navigate along it with a buggy on saturday and he said he was almost sick.....i noticed last week that its got increasingly rotten!! Also lately on our road, Warham Rd, there has been an increase....one so last week that was so enormous I almost vomited......why are people being allowed to let their dogs sh*t anywhere?!?!?!
thanks for councillor details, I will write to them too.
Alison - I completely agree with your idea of posters of the offending people.

One sees posters of people sought for other crimes (at tube stations etc, on television) so why not this "crime"?

If anyone sees someone letting their dog do it, follow them, if you've got time. Make a note of where they live.
I've yet to catch some menacing, wilful dog poo leaver... and the people I have seen leaving their dog poo are:
a young man (more than once) who obviously had some kind of learning difficulty
an old man (and a very old dog)
I think there's more to it than prosecuting people. I mean, the passage is on top of a sewer... could we not make a couple of dog poo toilets near the worst spots? It seems in the posh parts of town they're thinking outside the box.
That is so funny! SO Holland Park. But doubt it would help us - if people can't even be bothered to nudge their dog so that it craps in the gutter vs the middle of the passage, do you really think they'll bother to encourage it to use a sand box?

I've never seen anyone let their dog actually do it either, which is where my big brother CCTV idea came from ...
Some of it IS in the gutter... I mean, most of the issue for me is that it's in the middle of where you walk and it ends up all over the kids shoes and then in your house before you realise it...
Exactly. I know some of it is in the gutter, but its the stuff that is just there bang in the middle that causes the problem, especially when the dog is clearly the size of a small elephant. Honest, there is someone around the Warham/Seymour/Hewitt area who has a seriously big animal ...
I don't think we should even be creating a distinction between gutter and middle. If you're walking to school with two children, a buggy, another parent and a couple of kids on scooters then there is no gutter.

The problem is, is that there are probably only a few dogs doing this, and we'll never solve that, so the solution is that they clean the passage every day, I can't believe it would cost that much extra. They should also be cleaning it on weekdays to benefit the kiddie stampede...



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