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I was just wondering if anyone else thinks that there has been a marked deterioration of the state of the Harringay Passage with respect to cleanliness - in particular dog (or other!) fouling. I have done a 'report a problem' on the Haringey website but I am also thinking of contacting our local councillors and Cllr Haley (as Cabinet Member for Environment and Conservation). I have found over the last few weeks it is like taking an obstacle course along the path - particularly with a pram.

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I am so glad that someone else has brought this up as the passage is disgusting. Quite frankly, if you have a dog, you should clean up after it and not let it crap in the street. It's not difficult to take plastic bags with you and pick it up. It's horrible walking through the passage trying to wheel your pram between the huge piles of dog poo. Please lets not suggest anything that encourages people to think it's OK to let their dogs use the passage as their toilet. Instead, daily cleaning is crucial. Not sure about how you actually stop people letting their dogs do it, as it's so hard to catch them in the act. Wonder if any other areas have had success and if so, what they did? I also wonder if there is a register of dog owners in the area that the Council could write to? Not sure if that would make any difference but surely wouldn't cost very much?
This article in the Guardian by two dog owners advocates a system of microchipping and licensing pet dogs which must be neutered and trained. What do people think?
I hate that passage, it's disgusting and should be closed.
But Anette, it is a main safe route for walking to school for two primary schools and kids use it all day to get between the two schools and the play centre, much safer and easier for staff to get a crocodile of kids up there to the swimming pool and back than leading them down Green Lanes for example and also much safer for parents than getting them up and down Green Lanes during rush hour.
I also oppose anything which closes a public right of way, even if certain members of the public don't respect it.
How would you close it, put gates up? I suspect you may as well put notices up saying municipal bin while you are at it, as experience show that empty unused spaces attract all sort of nasty things. It can't be built over as it over the sewer.
No, we must enforce and encourage people to respect the public space, shame and nudge them into behaving and if necessary take endless pics of dog poo and mail them to Brian Haley and Nilgun Canver. How about a pic of 'poo of the day' emailed to them or via the report a problem page to Accord
Anyway, think Adam has got some thoughts on this, expect more from him soon
Ben, can't we just go and give it to them in a big box? Or drop it on their front steps?
Liz, I think we've already had this discussion. :)
From my point of view the passage is a pure evil of filth, dog-poo, broken bottles, vomit, syringes, crime, hoodies with pitbulls they can't control and cyclists that zoom up and down at full speed, as well as morons walking up an down screaming their heads off in the middle of the night, waking me (and probably countless others) up.
Personally I'd like to see it bricked up, so high that even the keenest littebug can't lob their sofa over. I realise that's not an option though, and would agree with Alison that a blitz on irresponsible dog-owners and others that make the passage the open air sewer it si today will have to pay. Or walk up and down it barefoot a few times (I liked that one a lot, Birdy!). It also needs daily cleaning. Properly. Is that achievable? What do you reckon?
Please let's not have the 'gate the passage' discussion again!
Would it be too draconian to suggest a ban on dogs along the passage?- I was just thinking it would be easier to enforce a restriction than a pooping offence. I can imagine the issue of civil liberties etc. would be raised but what about the rights of people, particularly children, to walk along a public right of way without this sort of health hazard. Just a thought.
.....and children that drop sweet wrappers and adults that smash glasses and dump litter. Please do not label all dog owners as irresponsible. There are too many stereotypes floating (er!) around here as it is.

The passage is for all our community.
.. B2 are you an Aquarian by any chance?
No, but I did watch "The Man From Atlantis" as a kid, does that help?
Something I've seen in other countries is having little bag dispensers so the dog owner at least haven't got the excuse of not having something to pick it up with ( or at least cover it up)



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