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Is Haringey Council really recycling whats in our recycling boxes?

I left the house on the morning of 29th August to see the bin men putting our recycling into the wheelie bins and then emptying this mix into a refuse truck. Does this mean they can separate the recyclable items from all of our waste at the depot, or are they just sending it all to a landfill site?
Was this a one off or have people seen this before?

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It should have been a 'split' truck I think. On one side is where they put the organic matter and on the other side the rest which I believe is sent somewhere to be separated out. I am attending a Community Volunteer meeting at the end of the month at the Recycle and Reuse plant so maybe I can find out more for you then. Watch out for a blog post.
Thanks Liz, I look forward to hearing what you find out. It definitely wasn't a split truck, it was all going into the same truck. If they do sort it all out at a depot then fantastic, does that mean we do not need to separate it ourselves?

I have introduced mixed bag recycling at work but the refuse still has to be collected separately, and we pay for this service per bag. I would be very interested in a place that can sort it all out.
I was led to believe they use a few tricks such as spinning it around on a big disc and dropping it in water to help separate it out. Apparently this is more reliable than what we can do at home...
Haringay probably do somnething called "co-mingled recycling". Basically everything gets chucked in together then it's sent off to be resorted. The reasoning is that it's cheaper that way but if that's the case why not just do it from one bin?
Going by Haringey Council's reputation alone I wouldn't be suprised if this is where our recycling ends up.

I'm sure that's my bottle of Sunny Delight
A friend of mine who works on the bins, once said to me as I struggled up to Sainsbury's with a ton of recycling that I didn't ought to bother as they just ship the lot to China. I thought he was joking, but now I'm not so sure. I'll quiz the Community Volunteer meeting at length, see if I can find out who deals with the recycling. If Haringey is going for 'greenest borough' surely they would be more careful...wouldn't they?
The 29th was the Bank Holiday, but this is still no excuse if they don't bother on public holidays. I rarely see them collect so I don't know if this is the norm.
Thanks Simon for that news report, now I really am concerned, especially when people now actually make the effort to separate and even clean certain items.
Thinking about it, it doesn't sound cost effective to then mix the separated recycling with decaying refuse...I look forward to hearing what Haringey Council have to say
Thanks again Liz, I appreciate your good work
Yikes, you own up to drinking Sunny Delight, you'll turn orange : )
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I would love to know what happens!

I have a friend who lives near Gloucester and they have seperate bins for glass, paper etc and she was told by her local council that if all this is crushed together then it can't be seperated again and the truck that collects it all from here looks like a crusher to me....
It all boils down to the fact that recycling targets are driven by politicians who only care about the next 4 years... our local council is further down the chain of command, and is run by councillors who may care more than politicians. We the people probably care about the next 40 years, and longer, since we aren't concerned so much with getting re-elected and therefore may be more focused on the needs of the environment, the next generations, and those less fortunate than us.

My question to the councillors is this - do you care enough about recycling to convince us that it doesn't end up fouling the environments of people far away?

Cheers HOL.



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