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When we first moved into our house, we found a Kelly's post office directory from 1935 in the attic which I unearthed again today. It lists all the addresses in the then Hornsey borough and who was the head of household.

Our house was occupied by Arthur Jackson for instance. What is also fascinating is that there was a synagogue on Wightman Road (the current church opposite the mosque) and a lot of residents with German or jewish names living on the ladder (remember, this was 1935).

The unfortunate resident of 26 Priory Gardens N6 was one Mrs Hitler, who I'm sure changed her name by 1939.

If you want to know who lived in your house or anyother address in 1935, just let me know.

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Hi Michael

Realise you've been doing this for years now! But if you wouldn't mind one more!

Just moved onto ladder and would love to know more about our previous residents.

20 Allison Road.

Morning Steve. I put the Kelly's directory somewhere safe, so I can’t of course find it at the moment. As soon as I do I'll look up the address. Michael

Whilst Michael is finding that - (and because I needed 15 mins displacement activity) - here are a couple of perhaps ultimately unsatisfying snippets for you. I'd publish the links but the book snippets Google give show less than is in the search results listing. Still if you're really interetsed, I should think that the British Library will have copies of these magazines.

Do you also know that your house has some of the most interesting history in the area? If I have my house numbering right, Number 20 Allison sits on the foundations of the old Harringay House - one time home of what was described at the time as the greatest art collection in private hands (see some snippets here) and later a haunt of the infamous Whistler's mother.

This map will enable you see to see exactly how your house relates - and here's another view. These Google search results show all mentions of Harringay House on HoL and here's the guy who built the house (but DO NOT fail to read Yvonne's comment beneath the picture - classic!)

Many thanks Michael, and many thanks Hugh. Very interesting! I'll read these tonight!

I might pay to access the census too, as that might provide some insight.

Thank you


Found it. At 20 was Ernest Brill. One thing I hadn't noticed before was that next to 119 Alilson Road (right at the top, occupant Henry Hawes, Decorator, County School, Infants) is listed Allison Hall. I'm assuming a building isn't here any more. Is this the site where a house was given planning permission a year or so ago that came to nothing?
Thanks Angela. I had the road completely upside down in my head with the high numbers at Wightman end rather than Green Lanes

Thanks Michael! 

Appreciate it.

I've actually just paid a visit to Bruce Castle museum and they have lots of Kellys so I've managed to get quite a lot of names!! 

Good evening, my father grew up in Harringay, he worked at Disney's and  lived at 91 Beresford Road, could you please let me know who was living there in 1935. Many thanks Nobby Clarke

Kelly's Directory shows the head of the household as Frederick James Clarke - so looks like it was in your family back then.

Thank you Michael, that would be about right as the dates add up. Dad, his sister and parents lived there for many years and were by all accounts regulars at the Langham Club and often performing there. In fact it was the proriorter of the Langham Club that moved to Hythe in Kent and then persuaded my grandfather to follow. Also dads uncle Tom Clarke run the ice skating rink in the Arena and dad worked in Disneys. Once married mum & dad lived above Disney's in a flat where I was born. Around 1965 all of the Clarkes had moved to Hythe and dad hasnt returned since, not even to visit, but Harringay has been a topic of conversation for the past 50 or so years.. Dad is now 95 and remains very active and I would love to take him for  a pint in the Langham Club, his boxing gloves and snooker cue may even still be hanging up in there! Also stand him outside his old house in Beresford Road for old times sake, I wonder who lives there now? Anyway Thank you kindly for taking the time to looking up dads old address. Best Regards Nobby Clarke

What area does the directory cover Michael is it just the ladder or further afield to Stroud Green for instance. I believe some libraries will hold copies of Kelly's directories but unfortunately never a full set.



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