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When we first moved into our house, we found a Kelly's post office directory from 1935 in the attic which I unearthed again today. It lists all the addresses in the then Hornsey borough and who was the head of household.

Our house was occupied by Arthur Jackson for instance. What is also fascinating is that there was a synagogue on Wightman Road (the current church opposite the mosque) and a lot of residents with German or jewish names living on the ladder (remember, this was 1935).

The unfortunate resident of 26 Priory Gardens N6 was one Mrs Hitler, who I'm sure changed her name by 1939.

If you want to know who lived in your house or anyother address in 1935, just let me know.

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that's a bit boring. :) Thanks for checking though!
At least I have "Peter 1940 - 1945" scratched on to my back wall. But then again Peter could have been a pet rabbit who got eaten age 5..
Michael, could you do me a favour and see if there is a dairy listed on Tottenham Lane ?
Yes - no 39 was United Diaries (London) Ltd - in fact Tottenham Lane seemed to have a lot of shops and business at the time. The last building (165) was the Plaza Picture Huse, wonder what it's now?
I know the one you mean. Will look tomorrow. Thanks
Ok, the one I was thinking of is 84 Tottenham Lane and might actually have been a Chapel. No39 TL is now - wait for it - an ESTATE AGENTS !!! :) and is not the building I am looking for.

No 165 is now a really nasty 60s block, opposite the YMCA.

161 is the Gazette and Journal Office and 159 looks as if it might have been a Salvation Army Citadel:it has FOUR foundation stones laid by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, a JP and an illegible commissioner respectively.

Thanks anyway, I do like investigating surviving buildings
The ex-Plaza Picture House is still an attractive building and well worth preserving. Imagine those Islamic looking towers when they were in their fully glory with a 30's movie being played. If only someone had the imagination and the money to turn it back into a rep cinema. Something like the old Scala Cinema in the early 1980's showing "Glen or Gelnda", "Plan 9 from Outer Space" or "Erasehead". I'd go.

Even though I'm a fan of modernist architecture, no. 165 really takes the biscuit. How could the architect sleep at night?
Sorry Brian - wrong side of the tracks. I think it was in Tottenham Borough so isn't covered by the Hornsey directory
What about 23 Cranbourne Road, N10? Great find!
Can find Canmore Way but not Cranbourne Road. Must have been outside of the borough
Whoi lived in 36 Hewitt Road in 1935?
Thanks and God bless
You have the honour of living in the house previously occupied by the Reverend Wilfred Leslie Hailstone BD. He was a Congregationalist minister of Harringey Church, Green Lanes which is still in use today. You could probably find more about him from the church
If anyone is interested in house occupancy the Hornsey Historical Society at 136 Tottenham Lane has a good run of local street directories from the begining of the 20th century covering most decades from 1900 to the 1950s. Pop in an look on Thursday to Saturday each week 10am - 2pm, on the corner of Tottenham Lane and Rokesly Avenue.



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