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Having had a drink in the Salisbury, visited the Community Gardens and had a meal in Antiplier , here's a few more ideas for things to do if you feel like a change here

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Well I've been to Roswell and that's about it!
Fog rolling over the Golden Gate bridge, walking through the Temple of Karnak in the dark, the cave temples at Dambulla in Sri Lanka, fish and chips at The Magpie cafe in Whitby, the view of Eigg and Rum from Mallaig harbour, Penshaw Monument from my Mam's house and racing against the tide to get onto Lindisfarne.
North of Golden Gate bridge is also fantastic, the red wood forests were awsome.

The Grauniad released a 100 top things and places to do and see before you die about a year ago. I was fortunate to have done around 40 of them. All BC mind : )
Well, I've done a few Bastille days in France (most of which I only have a hazy memory of, nuff said) and I will get to the Chelsea Flower show one day (anyone up for next year?).

I have to say that although I have no interest in celestial beings, the Semana Santa celebrations in Andalucia especially Seville and Cordoba are strangely moving and beautiful. Weird Japanese festivals where normally sedate men strip off their clothes and run around yelling are also quite amazing ( I believe there is one based entirely around phallic symbols which I didn't see) , the truly lovely children's Kabuki float festival in Nagahama on Lake Biwa and the festival of the dead in August where people light candles and float them down the river in little lanterns in memory of their ancestors is also very beautiful.



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