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Just acquired myself a copy of Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody and started looking through the first few chapters. (Shirky is a professor at NYU and writes, teaches and consults on the social and economic effects of the internet).

He has this to say:

Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society; they are a challenge to it. New technology makes new things possible; put another way, when new technology appears, previously impossible things start occuring. If enough of those impossible things are important and happen in a bundle, the change becomes a revolution.

The hallmark of a revolution is that the goals of the revolutionaries cannot be contained by the institutional structure of existing society.

Welcome to the revolution. Bienvenue, Welkom.

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can I borrow it when you finished?
Of course. My lending fees are very reasonable.
But Gordon Brown is about to be ousted. The revolution's over.
Watcha tokkin about? Revolutions rarely get started by PMs and ceratinly this one has nothing to do with him.
Indeed politicians are rarely very good at spotting trends and are always reacting to new ideas not leading revolutions, usually they are quite frightened by them. 'Early adopters' of new ideas as they are often called are frequently outside the mainstream, unafraid to try and fail and not generally keen on sitting down with the establishment. By the time the mainstream have caught up and middle aged ladies like me are using something, they have moved on. On this occasion, I actually feel like I might be in the middle of something new and different instead of following along behind.

This is fantastic! Can I order the t-shirt please.
I've only just realised ... that's our dear leader Hugh Flouch in the above Che inspired mock up. In that case, huge flags outside Salisbury HQ must be an integral part of this revolution.
Or phone up and order it from the Big Green Bookshop and support our local bookseller.
I've just been reading Here comes everybody, (I'll return it soon Liz I promise) and I think our time has come to have a bit of local flash mobbing. What do you think?
Does that involve doing something with mobiles behind trench coats ...

Lets start with a rendition of the Muppets theme tune at the next Area Assembly ... followed by tea & cakes.



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