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Haringey council announced that they will probably have to remove 20 trees from Finsbury Park and nearly one hundred trees have been damaged by dogs whose "owners" are encouraging them to chew and scratch on their bark to strengthen their jaws and claws in preparation for fights.
The activity has caused particular devastation among a new avenue of poplars recently planted in Finsbury Park.

There have also been recent reports of dog fighting around the softball area in the park.

I was also told that this damage in Chestnuts Park is caused by the same thing
Dog attack, Chestnuts Park

Damaged by dogs, Chestnuts Park.

It is also asking anyone who witnesses either dogs chewing on trees or dog fighting, to report it immediately it to the Parks Constabulary on 020 7272 5464.

Also reported recently was that Haringey had the highest number of strays in London.
Not sure what the solution can be here. The return of the dog licence? An age limit on who can own a dog? A limited ban on certain types of dogs which can only be owned by registered kennels or businesses and subject to restrictions?

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Just wait until we're face to face.. :D
Reading this upsetting report from the BBC makes me think it is simply time to bring in very strict dog licencing procedures and remove all dogs from people who are not registered dog owners. Perhaps an age limit on dog ownership, over 21?
The animal hospital mentioned is the Finsbury Park one, so most of this cruelty must surely be happening on our doorsteps.
Yep, over 21 would be a good idea, but as long as everyone is against people's residences being registered or ID cards being introduced - there's not a lot you can do about it.

Perhaps it's not only parliament where big reforms need to be made..

It's the same old adage err excuse me.... 'small dick - big dog'!
I don't think that imposing an age limit is the most effective way to police this. Kids will find a way around age barriers - they'll get their parents to register the dog for them, or their brother/cousin/whoever.
I'd like to see controls put on who can buy a dog based not solely on age, but on a assessment of responsibility. So how about a system where dog licenses are granted by the R.S.P.C.A. based on a short interview. The animal handling professional can asses the would be pet owner; if they don't feel that they are suitable they can refuse to grant a license and recommend training.
Define "attack dog " ?

Rottweilers and English Bull Terriers can be the sweetest dogs and very good with children.

An attack dog, I suppose, is a dog that has been trained to attack and the smaller breeds can do damage too. So don't let's demonise particular breeds. Let's demonise the owners.

As regards the damage to trees, it's a matter for the Parks Police surely ? Oh no, they've been phased out have they not?.

The dog licence was always a joke, the real joke being that it was more expensive than a marriage licence.

Now there's a good idea. A marriage licence a chap has to pay for every year at the local police station.
There was a programme dealing with this very subject on BBC 3 this evening. Two of the Tottenham owners were girls :-)
And weren't they fine young citizens? Streuth! Having watched that programme, I wonder whether to have the dogs put down or the owners.
the new(ish) dog control orders are the modern legislation for the council to use to tackle dog issues (fouling, fighting, bad behaviour in public etc). the old dangerous dogs act never worked.

in the end it all boils down to the amount of resources the council is prepared to put into enforcing the law - are they deploying officers (not just park constabulary) in the right places at the right times to issue cautions and fixed penalty notices to irresponsible owners - an on the spot £80 fine starts to make people think.
Here are details of an interesting scheme operating in Wandsworth, Southwark and Lambeth for micro-chipping dogs and making micro-chipping a condition of council tenancy agreements. The article suggests that if more boroughs adopt such scheme a national registration scheme may be easier to push for.
Read the press release here
Many years ago
I was a Park Keeper @ Finsbury Park

In my day's we had Dog Handlers with Dogs based in the Park

It was a problem then - especially after the big Storm when they replanted the park with young trees

Best one was a guy who had bent a tree for his pit bull to hang on
That had flung the Dog and killed it on impact
Came in moaning what the Parks Tree had done

Soon left when one of the Dog Handlers got involved and threatened to Call RSPCA & Police

Another issue was dog's that chased squirrels - Often damageing themselves when they run through metal
fences that often stopped the Dog -

Comes back to Our Elected Councillors - Having the Bottle to Enforce the Bylaws and start taking
Legal Action against those that damage our Parks

But while Ratepayers are willing to let them - Councillors - Get way with it - nothing will change
Except the majority putting up with Damaged Parks etc




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