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Because I'm feeling like I need to inject a bit of cheer - how about we nominate helpful people, smiley people, friendly people?

For starters, I'd like to nominate the postman who does my road - haven't seen him for a while actually. The street sweeper too. Both smile and say hello every time I walk past.

The really cheery bloke in Hornsey station who calls me beautiful (him I *really* like). Various people I've never spoken to but who smile at me in the street because we live in the area. The guys in the convenience store at the bottom of Falkland Road who are patient with my daughter when she goes in on her own.

A longer list than the grumpy one. I'm happy now.

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Our postmen; one older chap with gray hair and another one who is younger and Turkish looking, they are very friendly in the morning, even when they've woken me up to deliver a parcel.

There's a Greek looking older lady who works on the checkouts at Sainsbury's who can talk for England and she really enjoys her job nattering away with anyone who goes through here checkout.
Does anyone remember the singing postman? He was almost too nice - it took him the whole day to deliver the post as he was so friendly to everyone. I think he's been switched to van deliveries now.
i like the singing postman, he should be on britain's got talent
For a few years there was a lovely Italian postman who used to work our round - we called him "Il postino". Think he might work in the sorting office now. A good postman - one who can deliver things to you even when they're wrongly addressed (as opposed to the ones who deliver things to you which are clearly addressed to other people) is a godsend.
Two years later, I've sort of picked up on this theme Anna.



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