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Because I'm feeling like I need to inject a bit of cheer - how about we nominate helpful people, smiley people, friendly people?

For starters, I'd like to nominate the postman who does my road - haven't seen him for a while actually. The street sweeper too. Both smile and say hello every time I walk past.

The really cheery bloke in Hornsey station who calls me beautiful (him I *really* like). Various people I've never spoken to but who smile at me in the street because we live in the area. The guys in the convenience store at the bottom of Falkland Road who are patient with my daughter when she goes in on her own.

A longer list than the grumpy one. I'm happy now.

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That bloke in Hornsey station is top. I vote for him.
John the postman, yes he is great. And yes the Afgan lads at our local 'corner' store have always been fantastic. Good topic Anna. :)
The blokes that run the Big Green Book shop in Woodgreen. I've only met one, the one that is not Simon but I'm sure Simon is just as nice , cos he joined our book club. The one who is not Simon actually spends time with his customers having a conversation! They even supply tea and coffee and actually encourage people to hang around. Not like the usual shop experience: NEXT PLEASE before you've even got the receipt in your bag.
I vote for Tina at the OAP`s Luncheon Club behind the Citizens Advice Centre Willoughby Road junction with Hampden Road.
Visit them, I definitely recommend it
Thanks Ruth. Aren't we lovely! I'm the one that is Simon, and I try to be just as nice as the one that isn't Simon. I guess the secret is to like people and to love everything about what you do. I wake up every day and look forward to work (it's not really work). Hurray, and free coffee and tea to all!
The one that isn't called Simon is called Tim (I think).
the guy in cafe lemon is very hospitable and friendly - nice bloke!
I'll nominate the Indian family who run the newsagents right next door to Yasir Halim. I always get a good morning, a joke about the price of the paper on that particular day (nearly always a million pounds...) and sometimes even a chat about life, politics, the universe. A trip there brightens up my saturday and sunday mornings.

The girls who work in the Danube bakery are always unfailingly friendly and polite; even if I am merely buying a couple of bread buns for lunch I'm made to feel like a valued customer.
Completely second you there, Stephen - I was just about to nominte them myself. Very very charming family.
Yes, I nominate the Indian family too, they're all lovely, chatty and friendly. it's always a joy to go in there. I always shop there, going in there puts a smile on my face.
The boys in Khans food shop (between Falkland and Fairfax on Green Lanes) are tops - always offering our lil' 'un a sweetie and generally being friendly.

Also, the Chinese folk who ran the sorely-missed chippie/Chinese takeway - they were always lovely too. One of them had a smile that could light up Harringay.
The Hornsey station guy is great he has my vote definitely
I'd also like to nominate the people in Andreas Michli & son in St. Ann's Road. Worth a visit!



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