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Buy a Copy of the Unique Harringay Park Estate Plan from 1885


The Map

The plan covers the Harringay Ladder from Endymion Road to Hewitt Road. The northernmost two roads are not shown in their entirety. The southernmost roads show any houses built as of 1885. Further north, some roads show the division of land into building plots whilst others are yet to reach even that stage. The map is surrounded by blocks of text. Full size copies of the text will be provided with any half size maps purchased.

I'm afraid, it's not cheap, but the half size, for example, is not much more than maps of a significantly smaller size sold by the Museum of London, despite the small print run we're doing. So, we're not doing as badly as I feared.

All proceeds from the sale of the map will in the first instance be returned to the consortium of local people who joined together to buy it on ebay. The consortium want any excess to be used to the benefit of the community. 


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