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Can you recommend some trips out to the country (or somewhere picturesque) using public transport?

We have two small children and no car. Has anyone got any ideas for trips out to picturesque spots using public transport?
We have been up to Trent Country Park on the Piccadilly Line and to Kew Gardens, Walthamstow Marshes etc and Hampstead Heath on the train, but do you know of any other top spots to take the little 'uns this summer?

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Question inspired by this Manor House sign in the1950s
Epping Forest
Paradise Park at Broxbourne is a great day out and geared towards younger children - lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes, helterskelter, climbing frames, little train through the woods, gold panning, massive paddling pool. I've only been there by car, but apparently they offer a free bus service from Broxbourne station (take the train from Tottenham Hale).
For details, see http://www.pwpark.com/
I'd recommend visiting Tilbury Fort and the ferry to Gravesend. It's less than an hour's train journey away, starting at Harringay Green Lanes and changing at Barking. You get off the train at Tilbury Town and take a waiting shuttle bus down to the ferry platform.

We did this yesterday with a baby, and the journey was surprisingly smooth -- very joined up in the timings.

Tilbury Fort is an English Heritage site, well worth a visit. It's very picturesque on the Thames and with its pentagonal moat. It was garrisoned with heavy 9-inch guns to protect London from invading ships from the time of the Spanish Armada until as recently as the start of the 20th century.

The ferry to Gravesend is interesting just to watch, and I guess would be fun for children to take. (NB the ferry only operates six days a week, so not on Sundays.) Not entirely sure what interesting things there are to do in Gravesend itself, except have a pub lunch at the friendly Three Daws on the riverside.

Tilbury Docks is a working port, and depending on taste, children may find it interesting to wander around and see big cranes unloading containers from giant cargo ships. It's also eye-opening how much shipping traffic there still is on the Thames that far downriver.
Thanks, both the ideas above sound great.
FP, Epping Forest is a big place, any tips for which bit and how to get there?
Any more ideas gratefully received...

I haven't been to Epping Forest for a while, so can't help directly. There is a lot of information though on the website of the City of London who look after it. There is a booklet about the forest which includes a timetable for a shuttle bus (no. 845) which runs through it on Sundays until 28th October, from Chingford rail station or Loughton underground.

Victoria line to Walthemstow central, then BR to chingford. Take picnic, need map http://www.walksandwalking.com/2012/04/walks-and-walking-epping-for...
Check out Connaught Water or visitor centre.
If I'm honest Matt, I'm not a huge fan of Brighton (weird I know, everyone loves Brighton, don't they) although I do love the seaside. Something more off the beaten track would appeal
Know what you mean. Frinton on sea I think it's called in Essex apparently is worth a visit. Train from Liverpool St I believe.
The North Woolwich rail museum is fun, though you have to get there by DLR nowadays, since they cut short the North London line last year.

Are there any good destinations on the line that goes through Harringay station? I've only ever been as far as Bowes Park on it.



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