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In trying to get support from our local concilllors to improve the description of our area on Haringey's website Councillor Canver has given a statement on the name of our area:

We've discussed and we have agreed to call the area Harringay Green Lanes and Too much emphasis on Harringay confuses everyone with the borough Haringey and I’m afraid it refers to the Harringay ward and excludes the Gardens and other target areas.

'other target areas' refers to what the map on the main page includes as Harringay that's neither Gardens nor Ladder.

I have written seeking clarification, but as yet have recieved no reply.

So, if people were confused about where Harringay is, perhaps it's no wonder. The Council wants to keep all variants of the name for the Borough. Now maybe, as the councillor says, you're all happy about that. For my money, it's not on.

Almost exactly 100 years ago the Municipal Borough of Hornsey tried to rename our area Haringey. The Harringay Ratepayers' Association mounted a campaign and successfully overturned that nonsense. Perhaps the zealous flame of our forebears no longer burns so brightly..................??

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Absolutely. We have the Internet now. We just need to stop them putting this crap around Green Lanes on the lamp posts etc. IMHO this is more worthwhile that the betting shop stuff and potentially more fun.
"We've discussed and we have agreed" who has discussed and who agreed? It wasn't discussed or agreed with me...
and "confuses everyone", not if you keep reinforcing the difference and spreading the word.
Mmm...I wonder how Camden, Islington, Hammersmith, Hackney etc etc survive.

If the half of the rest of London can cope with a borough with the same name as an area within them, can't you Haringey? Okay so Harringay's not the administrative centre and the spelling's different, but we'll all survive.

And come on Haringey. Back in 1965 your forbears chose the name Haringey. Part of the deal was certainly not to strip Harringay of its name. if you can't live with the duality, perhaps you should revisit the borough's name.

"Harringay Green Lanes" is not a name for an area. It's the name of a station and sounds like it.

Stop tinkering and trying to re-engineer our identity. Harringay is Harringay. You're supposed to be helping build our identity. Carving out different areas and creating different names to suit your vanity doesn't help unify the residents, on the contrary it creates divisions and damages the area.
Qu'est-ce que tu veux qu'on touche, Jean?


Showing my bogan mono-lingual roots there.
Absolutely. Harringay Pride starts here!
Harringay is Special.....Haringey is .......well...just Haringey
Here is a copy of the short letter I have emailed to the councillors requesting their support.
Dear Councillors
I live in Harringay, I live near part of a very long road that is known as Green Lanes. I do not live on Green Lanes nor do I live in the railway station Harringay Green Lanes. Therefore I am disappointed to read a very negative view of St Ann's and Harringay presented on the Haringey website centering around Green Lanes and then to click through to a page on Green Lanes which appears to suggest that the place I choose to call home is known as Green Lanes, although the history it presents is clearly that of Harringay.
In a recent post on the HarringayOnline website called 'I Love Harringay because...' (which I recommend you read) a number of residents expressed their pride in Harringay, not Green Lanes or Harringay Green Lanes but Harringay. Their shopping street featured heavily in the reasons why they were fond of it but their sense of shared community came from their love of Harringay.
Please take the time to consider how important it is in building civic pride and community responsility to allow the people to decide where they live and not a committee meeting. I would welcome your support in safeguarding our name and identity.

It is time the Harringay Ratepayers' Association marched again...your turn to write.

Did you ever get a reply to this?
No nothing of any consequence. Just a 'yes, yes, now bugger off you mad bat' soothing email from one or two councillors. Not sure our elected champions always understand the 'vision thing' (with some obvious and notable exceptions)
Worth a follow-up? Surely your elected representatives owe you a proper response.



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